Conservatives & Intellligence

Conservatives & Intelligence

January 24, 2014
Millions agree that people who claim to be conservative are more intelligent than those who wear the label of ‘liberal’. Also, some feel otherwise. Anyone who identifies themselves by a ‘label’ logically, can’t be called intelligent except by those who are attached to the same label. To embody the best characteristics of all labels is to enter the arena of ‘intelligent’! To conserve at times, and yet to be liberal at times is to be flexible. To be ‘rigid’ to questioning dictums handed down by ‘religion salesmen’ or politicians is symptomatic of being what’s now called a ‘sheeple’, or a conditioned being who has the fear to think for themselves.

I live in one of the few small, primarily ‘liberal towns’ in America that is also a town which attracts many tourists to enjoy the fabulous nature with ocean water and mountains. In addition, many artists, writers, and creative types create a more tolerant and intelligent atmosphere. As one who has done more ‘free public speech’ than anyone, both in Los Angeles and Washington State as my hobby, I have found that only do the more ‘open minded’ bother to read my colorful, conscious writing boards. They nearly always fall under the makeshift category of ‘liberal’.  Political conservatives who have the power in city councils would clearly attempt to stop my rights of free speech under the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

Strangely, most ‘veterans of foreign wars’ like in VietNam or Iraq, who supposedly fought for our ‘freedoms’, are not generally supportive of free speech.

Right use of intelligence is to not be attached to one label or the other, but to pick the most conscious, progressive and best of alternatives. Life is a gift today in the more free countries with every option available for most to live and love in the highest awareness and peace that has ever been available for hundreds of millions. Like the squirrel who plays away the days before winter sets in, and doesn’t collect his food supply for the long winter, sadly the average citizen squanders their inner development for pleasures of self greed and non caring while in the Spring and Summer of their lives only to suffer needlessly as time draws on.

Intelligence always involves the vulnerable, open heart aligned with a keen sense of awareness and discernment for highest choices. Attachment to beliefs of others, be it current or from millenniums past that doesn’t favor questioning are both conservative and dangerous. Non attachment to consciousness and the highest choices with little regard for consequences is the misuse of what some call ‘liberal’. Let a clear, open heart guide the mind that seeks the best ways.

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