Endings of Love

Endings of Love

January 22, 2014
No less than the most important part of love is the ending! For those who have chosen to be on the ‘love path’, which is one of two spiritual paths, total awareness, compassion, and full love is necessary that is filled with empathy for the other. Most have chosen a love path that is filled with ‘holes’ of consideration for the other, and one of insufficient ‘self love’. In a sense, that is not a commitment to the path of love. On the path of love, the best part of the beginning, and an ending should exhibit the same sensitivity and compassion for the other.

An ‘ending’ is an opportunity to see that loves source is in yourself, anything that shows up less is also coming from you. You have picked this time and place after millions of years that life has existed on the planet. Why blow the incredible opportunity? Is there anything more precious than love? Can you say you have experienced all there is to love’s depths? If you’re possessed by any unresolved issues, you have not yet. The real let go in love is beyond who you think you are, and always is being able to see that you are on the mountain top of rarified clear emotion of the heart.

Love both unfulfilled, or involved in initiating a reversal of love with another is exemplary of an abuse of love’s meaning that deserves to be one of the ‘seven deadly sins’. Real love can’t be kicked down the street for any reason without karmic consequences. Shunned love of anyone who has felt the blessings of your love needs to be treated like a small child who is dependent on the heartfelt trust that your care for them is always available. Love in your heart and/or for someone who has received your love needs your complete sensitive emotion from beginning to end. The question arises, do you love yourself enough to see that the other is really an extension of you?

In a sense, we are all ‘air beings’ that breath the same air as each other. It’s not your air or mine, but ‘love’s air’ that needs to be acknowledged with the awareness of your mind and heart. It’s been said in song and other exchanges that ‘love is in the air’. Well the air is love – the breath of love! Love is meditation, and vice versa. Love takes your breath away, and then in a circling of love, fills you with the ‘breath of love’. Always, there is no end of love, and the beginning is always ready to start, just let go and breath it in!

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