Super Bowl of Love

Super Bowl of Love
January 28, 2013
The peak of American football culminates in an arena with the two best adversaries. Love and fear of love are adversaries. When the two are together, the game of love begins. In the game of love their are no real winners but for moments between losses. Two strangers meet, in fact there are really four strangers because typically both are a stranger to the deep love, and knowing themselves. How do you know if the other is unconsciously playing a game with their fears vs love, and are you? Two lonely strangers meet, holding each other, and following the chemistry of biology. Nothing wrong in that, except it’s a game teetering between love, fears, and self pleasure while ignoring being too close to the fire of love where your fear is the water.

Two strangers meeting on the lonely road of needing love. There is a need to fill an emptiness of loneliness. Vulnerability is usually in check, never to be fully opened from both. Love is uncertain, but be vulnerable totally to be certain about your love within, if the other is in the same position of total vulnerability, you will experience a love that few meet the peaks of.

There is freedom within! Where freedom is, love can abundantly be nourished to grow and blossom. Water need not be free of pollutants before drinking it. The ‘negatives’ can be visible or invisible, but ultimately their ‘negativity’ will create effects that unbeknownst to the recipient, will damage the health of they who insist on not using clear, healthy water. Another example today is ‘genetically modified food’ with no warnings of pesticides and contaminants within it to create health hazards. Love to grow to it’s healthy peaks needs to ‘let go’ of negatives or fears.

You don’t need another as an adult partner to experience love. The greatest ‘spiritual masters’ have all been enough unto themselves. That doesn’t mean that love with another can’t nourish growth of love if that path is chosen. Makes no sense to be a stranger to love regardless of how you choose to experience more love. Don’t create anxiety over the choice, but focus on being more and more aware or awake in the moment, and love will be free to flow in you. There is no need for using the other to create an overflowing of love. With an overflowing of love you will want to share. In that sharing you will find thankfulness in having someone to share it with. Mutual, unencumbered sharing will explode into the ‘Super Bowl of Love’!

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