Over the Hill

Over the Hill …
January 10, 2013
Obliviously, for the most part, all but a few climb the hill, and then stop … never to move up much, in fact moving a little down the mountain. Jack and Jill is a ‘mother goose’ nursery rhyme going back many centuries with many storied meanings. The first and most commonly repeated verse is:
Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after.

My take on the nursery rhyme is that the ‘hill is the hill of love’ where a couple starts together with enthusiasm only to find the barriers are stumbling points to keep the enthusiasm challenged such that they take their falls, pick themselves up, move a little up hill, then tumble back down finally settling on survival, ‘consumerism’, lethargy, slovenes, greed, and all the seven deadly sins, and MORE! However, more and more couples decide to stay where they are on the ‘hill of love’ alone or  bump into a new love partner that enables them to move up the ‘love hill’. Alas, but they usually pick up where they left off, taking a different route under different circumstances, but falling back to where they were. The choice of full love or falling down the mountain of love is yours. Don’t use excuses to hide your fears of finding a new dance partner for love!

The love mountain is the ‘love path to an enlightened life’ of full inner self love requiring the evolving resonance with a like meaning partner. Over time, few have taken the ‘path of love’, at least to its spiritual heights of enlightenment or nirvana usually due to circumstances, be they cultural, ignorance, or infinite roadblocks that were common in ‘pre-modern technological times’. A few more recognized the alternative of going alone on a path of meditation which was mainly confined to the ‘middle eastern’ male in places like Tibet or India. Still in the western world, the path of meditating is a good precursor to open one up more to the love path, or continuing the meditation path alone to a divine space of enlightenment, or what I refer to as ‘lovenlightenment’.

Those who choose to ‘partner’ and go up the hill of love save themselves from ever being ‘over the hill’, as don’t the vast majority who either never tried the hill of love with sincerity, or became entwined in the proverbial struggle of rowing against love’s tide. You’ll miss the opportunity when it’s gone, however the good news is you still have the opportunity to flow into meditation alone to find the real love within you! Why miss the opportunities!

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