Letting Go of Love!!


Letting Go of Love!!
January 8, 2013
My personal experience is that letting go of love can be a wonderful, and often painless transition! Before jumping to conclusions over that, maybe your experience is different, and for good reason! The love which nearly everyone experiences IS NOT their best expression of love that they have. Love has a long spectrum of meanings and qualities with infinite varying opinions of what constitutes love. Love has many experiences from love of people, love of a child, love of a pet, love of food, love of life, etc.

Moving into a deepest love of two people who proclaim love for each other is usually, sadly, insufficient love and conditional, or a ‘holding back’ of full expression. Letting go of the ‘crippling’ of love that lacks a deep mutual unconditionalness is usually painful, for both, or at least one. Incomplete love without loving closure is a painful, often long term liability. Children who didn’t experience the fullness of love from a parent often fall into that pattern as adults in love with a partner. Of course, it’s not always destined as you can learn to understand why you were ‘shortchanged in love from a parent’, or can seek a path of letting go of the attachment to memories that linger in your troubled mind.

It’s common for most everyone to find themselves in some level of mutual love with a partner. The polarities of the experience can be vastly different from an initial love that stumbles into endless trials where love doesn’t seem to be there, to a love that both mutually flow into an unconditional space where the other’s happiness is foremost in the experience. Most don’t and won’t allow themselves to love with full intimacy.

In the former, agonies and intermittent shades of love bind a love that lacks a full sense of empathy, compassion, communication, and every mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual quality that in an unconditional love opens fully. All love on the physical plane transcends to another space or dimension eventually. From my experience, that love which remains attached to that was less than what was possible will linger as an unresolved, often painful memory without finding deeper love within that helps to heal and let go. That painful memory will prevent all future unconditional love unless let go of.

Unbeknownst to all but the few who have been so blessed as to experience ‘full and unconditional love’, there is a love between two people that offers a ‘completion’ as well as an invisible energy of self love that does change all future, and in the moment experiences. Love is the greatest of life’s gifts. When it doesn’t seem to happen fully and smoothly, let go with an open heart to the other. Endings are the beginnings of the possibility of moving deeper into love. A deep, divine love isn’t filled with the pain of separation that most all conditional love endures. The spiritual love journey is yours to rise through to an enlightening inner realm of joy and blessings.

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