Be Paranoid!

Be Paranoid!

December 23, 2013
If this writing makes you ‘paranoid’, this won’t help you, however paranoia can be not only fun on a lighter level, but a sign of things from the past that you need to ‘let go’ of, or maybe the paranoia is what you need! Paranoia is a disordered thinking process that may involve anxiety and fear that may reach irrationality or delusion. Paranoia to the extreme is a type of madness, or just an extreme lack of comfortableness inside oneself. ‘Para’ is beyond, or beyond a normal reaction to a stimulus or lack thereof.

When I do my daily 1 1/2 hour, 4:30am meditation walks, it’s dark months out of the year, and other than being ‘lightly’ alarmed by a double shadow, which is always mine, there is little reason to fear the unknown. Practical fear or ‘paranoia’ is always wise to put one into a state of awareness with little or no emotional feeling. Always be open and verify with a variety of others as to whether you are unnecessarily paranoid, and if so be aware that you are. When determined that you have more fear or paranoia than many others, ask yourself why, and then keep focused on ‘letting go’ of that which might trigger it.

Fear and paranoia are in everyone as much as we all may be unique, there are similarities, this is one. Fear of going crazy, fear of sex, fear of rejection, fear of what others are saying about you, fear of dying, fear of the dark, on and on. We are born fearless, but gradually develop barriers within, some being prudent, and others being far more that necessary. Come to a point of understanding them. and not just working to overcome them. Fears and paranoia are created by yourself.

Paranoia and fear are always psychological. Fear is always about something in the future, something you are not at peace with happening. Once you are in the moment with what has been your fear, the fear disappears, and you relax or bring your spirit up to what’s needed. Reality isn’t the problem, but the psychological ideas about what anxiety, apprehensions, or fear you feel of what you imagine that compromises your safety or comfort level. Psychological pain can be dissolved! ‘Psychological means of the past or future, and not of the moment. Reality is in the moment. Mind never exists in the moment, it is in a ‘let go’. Reality is not in the past or future. Mind and the future never come across each other, much like darkness and sunlight never really meet. Mind distorts or corrupts. Be the watcher in the moment! Everything is possible, nothing is certain! Remember, love and hate never are together. Seek and know the love within you!

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