Worst Habit is You


December 29, 2013

Why? …Is the Worst Habit YOU? People have a bad habit of getting stuck on who they think they are. Yet, they have completely missed the untapped inner qualities that exceed what instead each ‘acts out’. If given the choice, most would change inner things about themselves. The mind is rarely not conditioned by outside influences, and the assimilation of those along with self criticism buoyed by different negative perceptions that feed the daily expressions which are only the outer layers of the ‘inner them’. Year after year people ‘drag along’ what it is about them that results in limiting ‘free and open thinking’.

‘Accept me as I am’ is a common defensive position of those who defend their right to change nothing in the way they act regardless of it’s negative impact on others, not to mention themselves. We all, also, have a ‘right’ to be in the highest consciousness possible, in fact it is an obligation as gratitude of being here at this unbelievable opportunity after millions of years living in the forests or life without any of the technological, educational advantages of the moment. Human’s negative collective and individual habits have resulted in needless miseries that are past from generations to generations.

Now is the time to ‘stop’ carrying the negatives of the past generations, or your brief past. Life for most has been like a broken tape that just goes round and round with no changes but getting older and older. Man has programmed himself to fight, while lacking empathy and compassion for others. Women are treated as inferior in most of the world, and even here in the US, although to a less visible degree. One word is possible to change all behavior, and that word is ‘sensitivity’!

Always stay in awareness using skillful means, and an open heart to make interactions with all life. Sensitivity evokes those qualities. MANAGE your habits, while replacing bad ones with good ones. Self reflection and evaluation of whether you are ‘sensitive’ enough, are habits on the path in an upward evolution of YOU beyond the atmosphere that is only the you being a compilation of supporting negative habits endlessly. Listen to others assessments of you while being open to communicating openly, and having no limitations with others. See when they are a mirror for you to see who you come across as.

BE open to acknowledging to others what you or others see as your faults. Breakout from the negative patterns that have followed you like a shadow. Breakout of the mind that is not the one you’d want the whole world to see. Verify with other aware, sensitive people that you see who you are correctly. Take precious moments to breath deeper and open the heart, for an open heart converts all negative to the positive.

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