Girly-Men Fear Intimacy

Girly-men Fear Intimacy

December 25, 2013
What man doesn’t love sex, but what man doesn’t stop somewhere before losing intimate control of himself beyond all inhibitions of his mind, heart, and soul? Sad thing is, most of them can’t understand that as the male ego jumps up and covers up the silent fear of giving themselves beyond mind to another.  All men are willing to lose control for a moment, but fear it being forever. Fear of intimacy arises at some point in just about everyone.

With some, the fear of intimacy expresses itself in many ways, but as long as his partner also has some fear, they unconsciously ‘use each other’ while giving just  enough between ‘down or negative’ moments. Each in a partnership, especially the male, is willing to forego freedoms, and full intimacy for a convenient sex partner, and for what else they will do.

Arnold Schwarzenegger popularized the expression, ‘girly-men’ during his governorship of the state of California. Truth is that what men fear most is losing their ‘ego’, or in this case, a false manlyhood that is afraid to give his partner all of him, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Fact is, you ‘can’t’ if you haven’t cleared all psychological issues from the past to let love flow unabatedly. Mankind has become so embedded in treating women as chattel to serve him that few have risen beyond that neanderthal mind/emotional set. When you can give yourself to please another with no expectation of return, and if you are with one of the same  like, every inner loving you could imagine will complete the circle of love. From you to them, and around from them to you with no expectation.

Problem is, rarely do two people meet who are ready to give all their intimacy with no conditions. Usually, it’s two people who may have high hopes of love, but instead it’s joy with love, and endless recurring shrapnel of negativities. Everyone is told that, that’s life with it’s up and downs. Authentic love has no ups and downs as most know them. The key is always to be centered within, and be with one who is the same, or alternately one who is devoted to be every moment until the soul mating becomes ‘one’. Unhappiness occurs between two in love because someone or both are holding back genuine intimacy. Almost always it’s the male, however the female, even with her emotional letting go of fears is usually more ready to go deeper, but can’t if the male isn’t there.

Deep loving between two people mutually is meditation!

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