You are Jesus, So …

You are Jesus, So …
December 21, 2013
If you believe in Jesus, and even if not, you would be well advised to take some pointers from his divine acceptance of love for himself, your neighbors, strangers, enemies, and for your belief in God! Surely if you believe in Jesus, you will and are living in your highest being as he would under your circumstances. ‘Trying to’ is not something he would do! He would do it!

It’s not necessary to read the bible to find out how that is, but to act from your heart in  positive, aware, discerning ways for the best selection of all possible choices, while not  ignoring having fun and joy, but at no ones expense!

Worshipping Jesus is to make him into an idol of worship which is not following what an intelligent, compassionate, and loving ‘son of God’ or any evolved being would want. Only a misinterpretation perhaps coming from someone as a middleman. They claiming to know through their interpretation of what amounts to wise words if ‘cherry picked’ from the bible, to eliminate that which doesn’t feel right, and seems like common sense.

Jesus didn’t carry around unresolved negative issues. Do you? Do what he would do. Let go of them through prayer, meditation, and loving your divine nature. Even as a non believer, that is a path. Jesus didn’t believe! He knew, as you should evolve to a point where YOU too know, and on the path start questioning everything you just ‘believe in’ while coming to a point where ‘you know’. Jesus would.

To become a Jesus or an enigma of divine consciousness, which some call enlightenment, you have to do what Buddha suggested to his followers to do – when you meet the Buddha on the path, kill him. Put another way, it means BE the Buddha or Jesus no matter who you are, black or white, male or female, or from less than desirable circumstances. It may be necessary to believe in Jesus for some, but as he would say: become the enlightened divine YOU, and all following anyone will no longer be necessary to guide you. Like anyone with a mentor, there comes a moment when the ‘torch has been passed’, and it’s your turn to take it up, and spread the godly love that has overcome you.

Make the dream a reality, and one that shines a light for those looking for a hand up to be a light unto themselves. Whomever you choose as your mentor(s), let go and let the spirit of divineness come into you, and be ‘free to be an authentic YOU’!


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