In Love With No One

In Love with No One
December 20, 2013
Loving every one is rarely not an ‘avoidance of the depths of personal ‘in love’ expression for anyone’. Always, my efforts are to promote the experience of the deepest love possible on the ‘spiritual path of love’. Experiences of love are rarely more than everyday experiences in life. All love, with rare exceptions, is a mixed bag of one’s personal negative issues, and occasional spikes of love that are less than necessary for a ‘love break through’ putting one on the ‘enlightened path of love’.

Most are choosing to continue to be consumed by what they have been doing apart from any real direction of a personal upward mobility. On Wall St., to be a winner from the start, requires jumping on the fast track to success which often is about who you know, and your personal motivation to use all your faculties to advance that agenda. Be it Wall Streeters or anyone from whatever walk of life, and regardless of being a winner financially, socially, parentally, or whatever, it has nothing to do with being on an inner track of emotional/spiritual love growth upward.

Let us assume that whether it be a troubled life or one filled with love’s best qualities, we take that with us into the next dimension. Why be a ‘loser of the highest qualities and manifestations of love’? The deepest love with another which, can activate the ‘so called love bomb’ that destroys forever the inner turmoils of mixing negatives with positives, does not require a sexual relationship even though they often go hand in hand. The fear of having to have a physically intimate relationship is to further limit the opportunities of the ‘love path’. The question you have to ask yourself is can you bring up the consciousness to  enable that?

The deeper the love, the more necessary to have a resonance mutually with someone. A God of your imagination won’t due on the path of love for that deep connection. The deepest connection with who you are can fill a vacuum littered with zig zagging thoughts of fears and self doubts. Always to climb the mountain of love another path exists through yoga or love and complete opening of awareness and the heart.

You cannot simply depend that so many great people, be it that it’s an alleged Buddha or Jesus have loved, then think what is the need for you to love when you can simply follow them. To be a ‘carbon copy’ is a false illusion. The authentic being is an original and not a replica. Be a new song, a new dance, a new beginning always. Let go of being a slave to your fears of intimacy!

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