Monster in Your Head

Monster in Your Head

December 19, 2013
The intellect is a robot! Time to stop holding your breath thinking that you are more than a programmed monster chosen by yourself with the help of family, friends, strangers, religion, politics, education institutions, and your underdeveloped emotional glands. Being a ‘smart robot’ isn’t what we use to admire as a smart person. Anyone with a computer can ask any question of ‘google, you tube, etc., and get answers far in excess of what the brain has accumulated! Crazy as it may sound, the intellect is only one piece of the puzzle that makes up intelligence. No need for insanities, addictions, death fears, and more monsters inside your head, or under your bed!

You take the ‘monster’ on your shoulders to bed every night where the crazy mind serves up all kinds of lies, fantasies and monsters. The intellect is often an escape from the rest all because that’s what you have been taught. You are crazy if you live with the voices of the intellect inside your head! Most consistently play the tapes in their head of unresolved hurting things from the past without letting bygones be bygones and focusing on how to raise to your highest consciousness. Sadly, those with the ‘monster’ in the head use it to continue doing the things which ‘feed the monster’ to be more troublesome!

The intellect is a wonderful tool for where and when it’s desirable to access, but intelligence requires always moving in a positive direction while letting go of all things holding that back. The riffraff of the mind’s intellect compartmentalizes or suppresses what a less developed emotional system could otherwise partner in coming to better personal common sense, healthy answers. The unbalanced mind and being live in fears that create the inability or resistance to work through personal, limiting issues that close off the hearts participation in balancing most personal happiness.

Memories can be pleasant or eternally damaging for life. Life is in you to choose who you want to be, or are inside clear of all floating flotsam of angers, self doubts, depressions, fears or anything that limits removing the ‘monsters’ that cause you confusion and a general lack of flexibility to rise above what ‘anchors’ you down. As garlic is to a vampire, an open heart is to all dilemmas and fears of the heart. When the heart is open and the breath is deep, clarity of mind for personal experiences arises.

Bad monster thoughts come and go as a ‘bell weather’ to hint to you that they are still hanging around for you to accept and suffer, or to wake up and extol or let go of. There isn’t enough room in the head for positive, godly thoughts and monster ones, but for a constant battle. Meditation loosens and dissolves their attachment for a more joy and blessings filled life!

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