Is Santa Really Jesus?

Is Santa Really Jesus?
December 14, 2013
Has Jesus become a ‘precursor’ to old St. Nick known as Santa Claus? We know Christmas means ‘more Christ’ to celebrate his alleged or allegorical birth. The rise to the commercialization of what was referred to as Saturnalia in the 4th century CE as a pagan masses celebration is somewhat unclear. Apparently the earliest use of the word Santa Claus was an Americanized press version of what the Dutch called the ‘gift giver’ ‘Sinterklass’ in 1773.

Over the many decades and centuries, this ‘Father Christmas’ has changed it’s meaning as the modern world of today has broken up into the use of many interpretations to suit each others needs and agendas. Christmas means many things to countless people, and their individual interpretations. To some the pagan, ‘heathen Saturnalia’ (a precursor to being called Christmas) has turned into the commercial, heathen Christmas. Everything seems to ‘morph’ into new interpretations over time where they are not recognizable to the alleged beginning. Much of the ‘morphing’ is to adapt to the changing times. The Catholic church with Pope Francis, is now ‘morphing’ into more acceptable dogma to keep the people (sheeple) they have, and to attract new converts. A little change here and there, and a very different presentation comes about.

The ‘Winter Solstice’ is the beginning of when the days become longer. The celebration of this in the northern hemisphere is where the sun is said to be ‘‘born again’, ‘‘renewed’’ or ‘‘resurrected’’. According to credible religion historians and herstorians, this celebration was an important factor in human nature going back more that 12,000 years, far predating Christianity or the source of the name ‘Christmas’. In other words, the birth of a Jesus Christ was ‘sliced’ into the celebration. As time goes on many modern day icons, especially Santa Claus slowly appear over time to represent important dates, or in this case the alleged savior, Jesus Christ.

Christmas continues to evolve or devolve depending how you look at it, as well as spread all over the Earth only recently. China even is emerging from it’s communist slavery past to become more capitalistic with innumerable stores promoting Christmas. Based on the trend to more and more see elements of Christmas emerging, I am predicting that there will be a world wide saturation of ‘more of Christ’ or Christmas. But the story of Jesus will be of less and less consequence as will Christianity. Christ does and will stand as the highest evolution of beings. Christ consciousness will have little or nothing to do with Jesus, but a new super conscious being. In each being is a godliness, Buddha, Christ, or a pure love. Love will become the only religion, AND not for sale or profit! Shall Christmas become ‘Lovemas’?!

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