Positive Friendly, & Shallow

Positive, Friendly, & Shallow

December 5, 2013
Be more than a reflection of moonlight on a pond! Authentic is ‘godly’! A few years ago, I enjoyed a connection with a girl I called ‘Moonlight Lady’. At the time she was not only a top New York model but quite a budding, charismatic evangelist. She’s positive, friendly, but borderline shallow. Less than a year ago, and after talking to her with little indication that trouble was beginning to darken the moonlight, I was to be stunned. Many weeks later, I learned she was indicted on a multi million dollar Ponzi scheme to bilk thousands with her charm out of many eager investors!

The ‘inner’ is rarely not reflected on the outside. You are what you look and act like more often than not, at least from the eyes of a keen observer. People put up screens or defenses that hide what they don’t know about themselves, or live in fear due to their self negative judgements of who they really are. ‘Moonlight Lady’ chose to not look beyond the culture and happenings of her early years to prepare for future encounters that challenged her hidden perception of the ‘self’ beneath what she sometimes, as well as others, perceived her to be.

Most view themselves as positive and friendly, but rarely shallow. Truth is most are in ‘wishful thinking’ about the positive and friendly as the reality is they are ‘shallow’ with one, the other, or both while living on the surface of life with little introspection and action to enhance or shine the light on their inner beauty. Positive and friendly is often a ‘coverup’ of insecurities of letting out the inner love of themselves.

Shallow people who are friendly and ‘up’ most of the time are wonderful people especially for small talk about anything of the more mundane. I have a friend who is bubbly and filled with positive talk, but shallow when the intimacy of communication on any level reaches a depth that they feel uncomfortable swimming in. If you fit this description, inspite of being a wonderful show, are an ‘escapee from inner self love’.

Conversely, there are those that are deep, but lack savoir-faire when it comes to communicating their positivity, or friendliness. All have qualities, and some that almost seem non existent. It’s not a bad idea daily to ‘reshape’ and expand the quality of the assets that lie within each of us. Give to your inner self as it will find its way to the outer, and as an inspiration and enjoyment for others. Always, an extreme outer makeover should be an option to pursue, but while finding the unfettered love within that adds sparkle to the other, and with ‘authenticity’!

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