Cocktail of Love

Cocktail of Love
December 1, 2013
Nothing like a good ‘cocktail’, especially a great margarita! Now ‘cocktails’ are a mixture maybe of some alcohol type with other liquids. Love is often like a cocktail drink except being ‘drunk on love’ when it’s deep and pure, and then the best high with no after effects! Nothing is like love uncontaminated by other ‘additives’ from before that unless detached from always dilutes love from creating consistent so called ‘hangovers’. Rare is the love between two people that is not a ‘cocktail of negatives’ in the ingredients. Polluting love with negative ‘enemies’ is common, and usually includes two people with different problems that they bring to the combination.

Love has infinite varieties, like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. It’s like eating at a Thai restaurant where you are asked to pick from 1 to 5 for spicy heat preference. It’s still referred to as spicy food as love is referred to in love from cold to hot, and even if containing other ingredients that compromise quality. Rare is the meaning of ‘love’ not a cocktail of gibberish all over the board! It’s whatever fits your experience and mind! Asking for No. 1 spicy in a lower quality Thai, Chinese, or Indian restaurant and the ‘love’ of quality that goes into it may be all over the place.

Have recently had a conversation with a person who says they couldn’t love a person who snored, apparently regardless of other qualities which may be higher than they have to offer! Whoa doggie! Light sleeper, light on spice, light on love quality for those ‘particular’. Be forewarned that what you want to see ahead of time may not be what stands the test of time! Keep in mind, love is generally like a ‘fast food local off the road’ coffee shop with culinary quality just above ‘road kill’ for little more than ‘piggies’.

Holes in the wall require something called ‘spackling’, a paste to fill holes and cracks. If a wall is abused with holes and cracks over previous ‘spackling’, sooner or later the wall is no longer its original quality. Same with ‘cocktail love’! Repairing becomes an exercise in futility. Unresolved fears in their many ‘disguises’ dilute the quality of love so that it bears little resemblance to the quality that could be part of changing the world with its effervescent energy emanating. Nearly everyone you look at is a ‘cocktail of love’. Why be one, and mate with another who is? An extreme love makeover is a better idea! Real love, cocktail or not, is always moving toward the light!! Can’t find it? Let go and explore meditation!

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