F r i e n d s h i t s
November 29, 2013
In an evolved world, one would have many, many friends that were ‘Messiah’s or just people like you at your finest! They would be beyond trust, and even beyond what’s commonly called ‘love’ for sure! The deepest thoughts and feelings could be shared with no fear of any compromise or change of the heart/mind connection. In that world, love is only the start of a friendship that is always divine or godly. Call them ‘wow friends’, or blessings beyond words that are always there with an openness that knows no boundaries! No broken wing, fickle, shallow, fear driven ‘friend for a month’ friendships there!

The world is about ‘choice’. That choice is to live with fear or love, and one other ‘major’ thing – ‘alternating vibration between fear and love’. The world as it now is, is more fear driven with a smattering of love to give hope. Now is the moment to be a portal for light and positive vibrations with no fears other than the practical ones like when crossing a road, and knowing that you look for traffic because of fear of what could happen.

Life is a ‘frequency’ going from lower to higher or total love. Miracles happen, small or large, to those in the frequency of harmony.

People forever have lived on erratic energy with little cohesiveness. The manifestation of a planet filled more and more resonating energy with nature and love in its highest meaning is now on the cusp. Besides beginning with your own energy it flows to others in your field of connections. The ‘amalgamation’ of open soul energy as it spreads in tiny pockets of people will ignite a flame of light into more and more people, and very quickly once the flow catches hold to a world much more blessed and filled with love.

It begins within, and then manifests out to each connected others who are in receptivity. You are here at this time to ignite the light within, and to do your best to have that light jump from friend to friend and stranger to stranger. All are friends, strangers no less. Religions have given great vibrations but always mixed with confining, negative energy. There is ‘spirit energy’ beyond all religion, and that energy is not shackled with ‘do’s, don’t’s, and fears of hell. Friends can be stepping stones to a more enlightened life as you who may be more aware can give to them. Many, many don’t know how to be a friend to themselves let alone to you who can also be that friend. Always let it be known that you have an open heart and mind with the door continually open through good or difficult times. Be the light that you would like others to be, always leaving them with the memory that your heart is an open invitation for a deeper friendship.

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