Pot, Crack, Rligion, Truth

Pot, Crack, Religion, Truth


November 25, 2013
‘Which’ is most dangerous in the world today? Truth is, ‘truth’ is the most dangerous! Disagree? Then why do people spend so much time avoiding it?

The best way in life is the ‘high’ route while at the expense of no one else. Is anyway to get ‘high’ ok? Truth jumps out and says, ‘NO’! Most all users of hallucinogenics are always looking for a ‘high’. They like short cuts! Truth is, the natural way is not a short cut for most, even considered ‘stupid’, and yet ‘truth is a ‘short cut’! Some say people of religion need to smoke some pot to see the truth! Crack, as altered is cooked cocaine, seems to provide an immediate high euphoria where even ‘truth’ doesn’t matter.

Why truth when you can get high faster where nothing, but nothing matters? As crack is chemically altered cocaine, religion is ‘altered’ and sold as truth, but why does truth need to be ‘sold’? There are infinite opinions on what ever gets you high, but for those supporting anything but the truth, does it matter? Maybe the truth is when you live close with someone with love and positivity, why would you need anything else but ‘truth’? Not that we need to ban pot, crack, or religion, but let’s be as truthful as we can be about them each!

Do you need to take pot, crack, or religion to bed with you, or with someone else? Isn’t a clear mind enough along with a clear heart? Call it a ‘drug’ if you need to but deep love and awareness while letting go is all that’s needed, and with no illusions or side effects. Making love on pot, crack, wine, or any stimulant works perhaps in the short run, sort of (?) but like bringing Jesus or Muhammad into love making, it’s one too many in the mix! Looking for answers in all the wrong places while not even really knowing what answers you’re looking for is well, cracked. No matter what the reason is to bury bad memories, a decision has to be made to always be focusing on the best choices with a positive attitude. Open your mind and use techniques of meditation to slowly let go, and climb into a detachment from guilt, fears, anger, and all bad memories.

Keep life, if you must, to an occasional use of pot to get high (not smarter), an occasional sighting of someone who uses crack (being enough), going to a religion church for a wedding or funeral. Pull out all stops for conscious awareness, letting go, empathy, compassion, gratefulness, lightness of being, self love, and all things to be part of being an example for a better you and world! That’s the truth, and the best high with godliness!

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