Anger in Consciousness

Anger in Consciousness

November 21, 2013
Anger’s going to be part of everyone’s life, and that ain’t necessarily bad! Being in consciousness, and in the heart, the more healthy is anger likely to be! One question is, ‘are you an angry person, or one living a positive life even though occasionally confronted with a situation that evokes some degree of anger, and either to be expressed outwardly, or dealt with inside?

For the most part, I’ve  experienced rare moments of anger that were expressed at someone else who pushed the ‘envelope’, but always while being a ‘witness’ to my actions. Always measure with awareness and discernment the recipient’s ‘reception and reaction or response’ who allegedly evoked the ‘anger’ option. Analyze why you have anger coming up. Is it anger that opens up the need to look at what’s really going on inside you, and that you need to make positive adjustments to? Is the anger a means to tell you to adjust your focus on a situation or life choice? Do you need to move into a daily meditating practice to let go, and detach from inner seething embers that get triggered in certain situations?

Few are blessed with a smooth, loving childhood, but instead usually one with less love or even unfortunate traumas. A smooth, loving childhood would leave you as an adult with little inner changes to make. Difficult childhoods, of one degree or another, often leave inner love blocked with anger and fears to be dealt with or not. Always, the options of using techniques to detach from embedded angers are available to everyone. The key to managing anger is to be able to stand outside of it, or watch the anger. Nothing wrong with conscious anger, if it’s not but a ‘wakeup call’ to yourself or someone else.

Anger should include compassion for yourself as well as for anyone else. If possible, it’s a good thing to be aware of the implications for yourself and others. Meditation techniques are methods that open awareness to smooth over your response-reactions. Having facilitated many types of meditations with hundreds of people over the years thus far, in addition to picking a meditation type, I would recommend including an exercise in allowing laughter for 15 minutes a day for 30 days followed up by a few minutes of (also with eyes closed) being silent, and just being the watcher. Being able to lighten up and experience a sense of humor dilutes feelings of anger.

Anger is part of your nature, and it’s wise to use sparingly, and with awareness while being in the open heart mode as much as possible. Common sense and rational thought with an open heart is best used before the option of anger. Always be letting go of any and all impediments to enjoying the blisses of life’s many gifts. Transform anger into an opportunity to raise spiritual consciousness.

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