Nooks & Crannies

Nooks & Crannies
November 17, 2013
Let no stone be unturned! Hidden from the genius minds of the world, who may look in every ‘nook’ for life’s answer to happiness or enduring love, there is ‘futility’. In every nook of hidden answers there is one within it, smaller and harder to find as it is the ‘cranny’! Man is always looking for what is his oversight that eludes him for completion. Whether the ‘idiot who has an ‘aha’ and conjures up ‘salvation’ in what he sees in that belief as having imaginarily brought him to his faith, or the genius who thinks he is not like the idiots, they both have hit the ‘eject’ button to ‘Nincompoopville’!

The mind games of the idiots and geniuses roll on unabated by the mystery of what intelligence really means. Low levels of emotional expression with the same of conscious spiritual acumen, gives birth to the doorway out of intelligence where intellect hides, delighting in its ego that knows everything, but truth be known, knows nothing! The idiot or sheeple and the intellect, being polar opposites, actually are caught in the dark looking, but not being able to beg, borrow, steal, or smell in any ‘nook or cranny’ life’s secrets.

Fame, fortune, or any form of mis-fortune may provide the illusions of whatever desire that isn’t needed, but it’s also a ‘block’ to what the eyes of the heart can see, feel, and be. Beyond ‘necessity’, there are infinite non spiritual detractors offered up in life, be it chasing desires, butterflies, or suffering needlessly. Just existing with little or no concern for self evolvement of the inner and the world at large is an escape from the compassion and empathy for others. The common expression, ‘a kick in the pants’ is ultimately up to ‘you’. Not likely that anyone else is going to do it unless on your job.

Caught in the quagmire or other people’s ‘world mixed up thought’ of being caught in their own net of spinning detractors is to give up on fishing for the real inner essence of who you really are. Hidden within you are the facets of the diamond that glistens once you drop your cover that you’ve become attached to while chasing away from life’s jewels. You are not other’s opinions (unless you like them), or often yours. Everyone is given a perfect pearl inside them – the point is to know that, and find it looking in every nook and cranny!

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