Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Woman
(We need to talk about the elephant in your room!)
November 19, 2013
Millenniums of male testosterone abuse of the mother of all humanity is not erased over night! All living life has the so called DNA of their predecessors imprinted. When a child is born, and grows up under conditions that partially ‘mirror’ the negative predisposition of those who came before, discord meets discord. Don’t be fooled by all the unbelievable technical manifestations as well as higher learning institutions at this time. Strip away the ‘outer’, you’ll find mostly the same inner of humans that existed thousands of years ago. Humans, unlike all other animal life though, have an innate ability to change. They are flexible, and have the abilities to step out of the past into a revolution of the heart, mind, and consciousness.

A popular expression to use when there is something that is a problem which no one wants to take the risk of discussing, but is obvious as a factor influencing everything is, the ‘‘elephant in the room’’. The expression is a metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth  that is usually ignored to the disadvantage of truth.

The ‘elephant in the room with women’ is usually dismissed when males don’t understand ‘things’ that don’t equate to ‘male thinking’, and just chalk it up to some sort of denigrating the female. Women, even in so called ‘advanced societies’ are the victims of abuse more than is commonly known. Women I’ve asked say 50-75% of them have had sexual abuse and/or some type of violence perpetrated on them, and that’s in addition to what’s buried in their subconscious passed on from generations before.

A balanced, centered male treats the opposite sex as he would want to be treated with the greatest empathy and sensitivity. Unfortunately, there is very much ‘a line of fear’ that most males cross with a woman if she chooses to be friendly and open. Consequently, she withdraws in a close personal relationship as well as socially with males. Both males and females become strangers with an occasional smile, and very limited conversation. Both experience a different kind of frustration.

Both at this open and free time in history of exploring friendships have an incredible opening for each to evolve in all ways. Stay in your heart with lightness, friendliness as well as sensitive humor thrown in. Know and trust yourself to increase your chances of attracting likewise. Let go of all but practical fears. Move your energy upward through the heart rather than ‘sit on’ past hurts, and less than positive experiences and opinions. Men and their testosterone insensitivity may be the primary problem for females experience of males, but females need to raise their energy, and learn how to deal with males who don’t ‘get it’ with a lightness of being, and a strength of being centered. Repelling and not seeing the small minority of males who are sensitive, is to diminish the females chance of moving beyond negative conditioning. Time to move beyond having the ‘elephant in the room’ of yourself, and enjoy a more relaxed and loving life. After all, that’s why you’re here!

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