Commitment Ruins Love

Commitment Ruins Love
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November 18, 2013
Fearful love demands commitment to assuage the ego of insecurity. ‘Commitment’ is a trap word promulgated by males, particularly those dressed in a gown of black, postulating to the innocent ‘believers’. Society has been conditioned to accept the word as necessary to show love. Love that is insecure is one that demands commitment to satisfy the fears of survival. If that’s your ‘cup of tea’, good luck. You can experience more than surface love that melts with innumerable challenges!

Is ‘commitment a prison? Then why is it called ‘committed to prison’ when a convict goes to prison? All arrangements are temporary, and subject to changing times that include changing minds. To be committed to what amounts to an arrangement with no possibility of ‘parole’ or ‘out’ is simply an imprisonment, and a ‘lock on freedom’. Love, ‘real love’, has as one of its attributes a sense of freedom where each automatically loves the other so much that even if it means being without them in the physical, it always is in compassion for the others wishes. Real love involves communication from the heart that supports, and gives caring for the others moment and future.

Where love is filled with doubts, commitment on a practical level may be necessary, but why place yourself in that position? For those unevolving, and stuck in not actualizing an evolving of love, that notion of commitment serves as a kind of obligation. Obligation is not love nor required of real, deep love. What for? Love again is only a ‘prison’ if you allow it to be, and are not dedicated to continually growing in love. A ‘cook’ in a restaurant is not a chef, nor is just a chef qualified to orchestrate the ‘fine art of culinary skills’ in the finest gourmet restaurants.

Conversely, just because you have some love in your heart, and a feeling of commitment to the recipient of that love, it does not mean that you qualify for being a ‘godly actualization’ of love’s deepest expressions. Trying to roll a giant boulder up a hill is best left to Homer’s Iliad for ‘Sisyphus’ who tried and failed to do it. Falling is ‘failing’ as is ‘falling in love’ meaning letting a temporary or unreliable love take over your rational sensibilities that keep you from ‘rising or evolving in love’. Love that is not total or consciously evolving in a relationship is a ‘trap’ that ruins ‘love’s beauty’. Real deep love does not require a promise or commitment. That’s needed for a type of love that isn’t total from both. Love yourself, or focus with totality on the journey to love of self. Real love always is in tune, and in compassion for the other with full empathy. Love is not just of another, but of yourself. Love is a door to freedom.

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