Sex, Love, & Friendship

Sex, Love & Friendship

November 12, 2013
Love is deeper than sex, and when all is said and done as two are no longer together, love still touches the heart, and sex loses memories importance. To be ‘in love’ is entirely possible without sex being, or ever having been a part of the connection. Deep love without sex is almost entirely non existent. A love friendship is actually deeper and more enduring than a sexual relationship. Putting the ‘cart before the horse’ is sex before love, and lessens the chance to change positions, however certainly two can experience love and sex simultaneously, and to the same degree.

There is nothing wrong with both using the other for pleasure. Usually, people avoid calling it ‘just sex’ as it may seem too ugly, instead being insincere and opting for choosing the love expression. Why not be upfront, and use each other for pleasure, and at some point parting amicably when each is satisfied with a reasonable congeniality.

Nearly all fear ‘being in love’ with someone with no physical consummation especially where both acknowledge the others love. It’s a way to challenge yourself with empathy and compassion for the other while experiencing ‘strong feelings’ and not engaging in the physical sex acts making it nevertheless a mental, and possibly a soul connection. It’s also, a way to challenge any fears while letting go and moving to new heights.

There is nothing wrong with holding out for love, however best if it’s not masking some inner fears to avoid sex . Chances are good anyway that one seeking ‘just love first’ is not prepared regardless to even give their heart unconditionally to the other. Seek someone who is willing to allow, and give mental and emotional love given unconditionally regardless of sex. It may be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but can be a great device for opening the heart into a ‘real friendship’ of lasting love, and inspite of whatever the other chooses to do with their life. Why call something love when it’s just mutually enjoyable sex, and for one reason or another, a connection that likely isn’t for sustainable love.

Love is an evolving phenomenon that can continue evolving deeper and deeper, as well as higher and higher. Mutual physical stimulation because of chemistry and need is what it is. Why call it love, particularly when it’s not to be lasting? ‘Love’ is a beautiful word, and is best not misused. Sex is pure, and a natural mutual exploration of one of life’s great feeling experiences. The two are separate, but love may be a magnate to an expression that with little choice results in sex, and become a love path evolving to illimitable heights of godliness. Let friendship grow into a high and enduring expression of love!

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