US Drug Drama

US Drug Drama!
November 8, 2013
Lately, I’ve mentioned that over 75% of America is drugged! Upon deeper reflection, it’s closer to 100%! YOU can make a difference as an ‘activist’ for healthy living – it’s easy! It starts with you, and discerning how you can minimize all ‘intake into your body’ by seeking a better alternative!

Monsanto, Dupont, and your local ‘StupidMarkets’ are making billions on ‘emotional, non discerning’ customers! Tens of millions of citizens work for these purveyors of ‘junk and GMO food’ that hit millions of ‘pleasure buttons’ while not considering the later consequences. Seems cancer is everywhere, and yet I’m sure the pharmaceutical related businesses are guardedly happy about for their bottom line. Chem-trails, radiation everywhere, junk floating in the ocean, foods that taste good with little or no nutrition value, wars, misinformation to sell a product or service, confusion with too many choices, absence of adequate controls on food quality including legal drugs. This is the era of ‘human guinea pigs’. Are you playing that game?

We can say that unemployment, with it’s ensuing poverty, is a partial catalyst to the problem, but how about making every effort to buy what comes from our own country. Unemployment is extremely affected by our buying items made in China or wherever. That means ‘no work’ for people here!

Hours spent weekly on mindless entertainments, while ignoring inner, positive self realization, floats like flotsam in the ocean with no direction. Most are ‘sequestering’ their minds, emotions, and the spiritual to the degree that little, or no energy is given their development.

This is, whether we see it, like it or not, the moment in life that is beyond the dreams of people who’ve come before us for thousands of years. Squandering the opportunity to be conscious and actively participate in being informed while doing your part in making sure there is evolution in all aspects of life and love is now your responsibility of thankfulness for others who have come before as well as those who are coming innocently to the world. No longer is it enough to just look to survive for yourself, but the world is an interdependent one now where the joys can come for contributing actively, and not just mindlessly enjoying all the toys and entertainments. The rich are getting richer because you are being a mindless consumer.

Be an activist for quality awareness, and love in your personal life, as well as everything you engage in. Time to be thankful for this ‘dream moment’ in life, and support all perceived and unperceived opportunities from the highest consciousness that you have, even if deep inside.

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