No Means Yes!

No Means Yes!

November 5, 2013
Anyone can say no, but only the right one can say yes!  At my first corporate sales job in New York, the new sales people were sent to Chicago for a two week orientation of techniques for success in sales. One of the most important pieces of advice was to always be turning every objection into a ‘yes’, or opportunity to approach closing ‘the deal’. In addition, we were told to make sure the person connecting with was one who could say ‘yes’, as the wrong person to fulfill any request is only going to say no.

That attitude is a marvelous way to explore in life’s many intricate situations. One who says no, yet can say yes should be evaluated in your mind and heart as to how much ‘yes’  energy it means to you?  Ask yourself if it is well spent energy to keep turning the objections into movements to an affirmative and desirable response for your intention. Always, common sense from a heartfelt, sensitive, empathetic, sincere approach opens life’s doors on all levels. Forcing a ‘yes’ is a ‘no-no’! Sometimes a ‘no’ means a yes, meaning ‘YES it’s the wrong time and place, or whatever’.

Everything equates to the affirmative when it comes from compassion, love, and finding out what the other is open to. Life is always in the affirmative, it just may require saying yes to better alternatives when the storms come.

The same applies in relationships where especially couple love is involved. Always assume the best, and have the agreement with the other to be mutually in the heart and mind set. Never say no to the agreement particularly in leading the other astray by any intent and/or action you pursue. Avoid judgments which are usually symptomatic of saying ‘no’ to letting go of issues that you’re attached to, and which have invisible ways of saying no to being progressive.

Always say yes, without ignoring the negative! In time, you will move to a new, and more pure level of being. It all comes down to knowing who you are inside. Recognizing, owning, and letting go of whatever obstacles you may have inside that you can see others exhibit to your displeasure, is to be on the path of rising your consciousness.

One of my favorite meditations is the ‘Sacred Yes’ where all choices are made in the affirmative, but with an awareness of discernment. The best ‘no’ is to ‘know’. It’s an opportunity to see the best and wisest direction. Bury all negativities and transform them into positives! Why make life less than the affirmative?!

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