Politicians Suck

Politicians Suck
November 2, 2013
Americans support these leeches and blood sucking vampires who need to give their blood to wounded ‘road kill’ snakes. Puppets of money who serve themselves first, then malicious assorted corporations who fatten their bottom line as major parties to the military complex that former President Eisenhower warned us of in the future. The future is here! In addition, Washington politicians serve lobbyist’s wants, family, friends, and religion, in particular for the fundamentalist millions of votes. Meanwhile, as the mass populace continues to be dumbed down, their support embellishes what will choke all their freedoms. All because, you the citizen, are carrying the emberred torch of ancient man’s fearful legacies of shrugging off all but what is before your face.

It’s a ‘new world’! A world of technological developments far greater than any science fiction writer could have imagined a few years ago. Technology is developing more and more usable gadgets, and created at a rate spinning out of imagination. Man is not ready to see himself anywhere near as advanced as the spiraling development of newer and newer means of improving what was invented just yesterday. Soon we’ll maybe have live like robots that people can marry, which will avoid all the friction of marriage today. Hmmm – that may be a good idea though, but …..

Politicians have taken over the whore and prostitution business, AND corrupted it for the love of power and money! It needs to be remembered that the prostitution business only thrives due to men who have not grown up to treat women as godly beings that give birth to humanity, and it’s highest possibilities. ‘Politician’ is synonymous with ‘men’ who pervert what they are elected for – to serve the people, and to seek ways for the individual evolution of all. Women politicians are controlled by the vast majority of males, and not that it is their preference as it conflicts with their natural instinct to mother the people to a higher state of liberty and consciousness for all.

My arbitrary solution to fix and change the ‘political problem’ is simple. Nearly all of Washington politicians are millionaires, and thus do not need money. There should be no pay. Also, there should be no investments made while in office to fatten their pockets. In addition, there needs to be a 3 or 4 year period AFTER leaving office where no investments are made (thus no jobs can be taken to benefit from their prior position). No family member and anyone else shall benefit monetarily that can be traced to the politicians position, and for the same time.

This control of politicians needs to be carefully monitored by professionals. I suggest young lawyers or law students who themselves need to be monitored. Strict enforcement of abusers of their positions needs to be implemented with prison terms as a penalty.

Unreasonable pursuit of money, and it’s selfish uses has become the new god to worship. This greed needs to be replaced by the education toward a higher consciousness of compassion, love, and awareness of more of the same. Let’s use technology and education to fuel a new superconsciousness of humanity. The best answer to that begins with you and I being active, evolving beings to serve all life!

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