Total Heart Eclipse

Total Heart Eclipse

October 30, 2013
There is a song by a duo with the name of Simon and Garfunkel called the ‘Sound of Silence’ with the main line being, ‘hello darkness my old friend’. Life at its finest is when hearts connect especially to hearts of love together. Life without a heart connection leaves the heart in darkness, but the mind moves through life moment to moment with flashes of energy or some semblance of love. The heart is inevitably left to be in darkness on it’s own while the mind chooses its path be it hopes of a full opening of the heart that, at best ends up as partial eclipse of the heart.

Reading and communicating each others heart is the path of love that sets the heart free to love with no limits. Couples inevitably settle into a routine that is an enabler to create chains around the feelings of the heart. Truth is, they likely both fell short of a communication and emotional exchange that results in a ‘partial eclipse’ of someone who was open in all ways. One of the partners may express more emotion and insight than the other, leaving a feeling of a gap and emptiness in the coupling, but ironically the more open one would likely not be open enough to merge in a total love with someone who could.

What ensues is friction, heart ache, disappointment that becomes a wheel that goes round and round with brief moments of hope or sunshine. It’s like a ‘duck taping’ keeping the wounds of an inner unhappiness from spilling over to a total shutdown that  becomes a total heart ache eclipse for one or both. The path of love is rocky, and even dangerous to one’s well being of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and ‘hopes health’ when two heart and minds are less than open. Likely it’s a ‘love trap’ that can’t be escaped from by starting again. People tend to take the same ‘baggage’ with them that stunted the love before.

Love is not enough! Love IS enough if the other parts of life are payed attention to! Outer things have their value, but it’s the chemistry of inner openness and total communication that fuels the ‘fire of love’ burning in a relationship where no ‘heart eclipses’ derail the joy and blessings of what can be called a divine love. Life is short. Know the difference between opportunity to grow deeper with less love and light, and what needs to happen within you to be receptive to a new opportunity. Love is easy when there are no gates, and two move as one heart. However, for those who see a total or partial eclipse of couple love, meditation is the path of the alone to raise the consciousness of self love. Either path, in a let go with total openness, brings the rays of an eternal love.

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