Positivity is Prayer!

Positivity is Prayer
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October 25, 2013
Positive Action is prayer working! Making deep love is prayer! No religion seems to acknowledge that?! The popular displays of Christian, and especially Muslim, prayer are mostly empty, selfish begging for some divine intervention. Prayer can be a beautiful thing especially when aligned with the practice of meditating to clear the mind of littering thoughts while opening the heart. Sadly, prayer has been used to promote instructional obeyance to what amounts to an ideology, or state subliminally endorsed control of the masses. Prayer is not a desire or demand.

Prayer is silent, and without the necessity of words or in behalf of a god, allah, or deity. Praying doesn’t make one better than those who don’t ‘pray’, certainly in the traditional way of a specific culture. ‘Let us pray’ is crowd control that certainly is better than mob control but empty of value to buzzing minds. The heart when vulnerable and open emanates from within a powerful prayer especially for healing and gratitude for life’s infinite benedictions. Most who pray attach a ‘belief system to it and it’s concept of a god.

Some form of meditation, be it deep love making, or one of the many techniques from vipassana, various breath meditations, to kundalini, etc., are an excellent prelude to clearing the mind and heart for prayer or living a prayerful, meditative, loving life. Just praying in hopes that your desires will be fulfilled, particularly at anothers expense is symptomatic of selfish ignorance. Prayer is far more important than God. Prayer comes with it’s own answers. Praying to God is just a device for beginners.

Prayer means surrender, and gratitude. See that existence made a place for you to experience, and be thankful for the opportunity. Prayer is to be in a deep love for the blessings of life’s gifts including the experience to love yourself and another. Prayer is it’s own reward!

Prayer is the receptivity of the miracles surrounding you. It is not important to be part of any religion or belief to experience prayer. Become available to the positive and love with all its infinite expressions. Prayer is the capacity to be excited and amazed.  Approach life with reverence and positivity. Don’t be too much of a rationalist, logician, or ‘know it all’. Prayer is to open the heart with poetry and laughter available in your being. Be like a small child again. Sensitivity and softness attract itself. Meditation and prayer meet in silence as a communion with an open heart. Be open to the wonders of all! Prayer is the fragrance of love.

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