Why Believe in God?

Why Believe in God?
October 28, 2013
Why believe that there isn’t God? You can pray, have faith, meditate, love, and just live a healthy, happy life inspite of all beliefs, and whether you do or not believe! God is a ‘utilitarian word’ in the English speaking language to give the masses hope in something they can relate to. To the more discerning, questioning, and open, they understand that the word cannot be defined, but that there is instead an invisible ‘matrix’ or divineness, for lack of better identifications, that are part of life, and always available to enhance it.

God is undefinable and unfathomable, and doesn’t believe in you…of course! Belief always means there is doubt. What the word ‘god’ stands for certainly would always leave judgments up to you, and would just love unconditionally – why not!? There is no beginning or end, at least that you have any possibility of knowing about, so why concern yourself with that mind game? Life is always transforming whether you understand it or not, and again it’s futile thinking. This ‘belief’ is a mind game out of fear, ignorance and conformity to the masses idea of ‘you’re suppose to’.

Claiming things that happened positively for you because of Jesus, Muhammad, or a God that you ‘really’ are just imagining, is a fraudulent validation of a source beyond you  imagining it. Miracles happen to all people – some more than others regardless of beliefs. I had a preacher tell me the other day about how his belief in Jesus brings miracles to his life. I replied that’s great, but know that I have constant miracles happening in my positive life. After 10 minutes of talk, two miracles happened before our eyes to me. I suspect he walked away puzzled, but of course ‘non changing’.

Believing in love is fine, but knowing and living its depths is a whole different dimension. It’s kind of strange to believe you’re in love except at the beginning of a relationship. Its rather odd to say you ‘believe in love’. What’s the point? Same with God, and it can’t even be measured while the depth or lack of love can be measured (I do a love measurement analysis). There are people who when confronted with ‘your belief in god also means you doubt otherwise why believe’? Often they will answer back that they ‘know there is a god’. Odd again – no one says they know there is life or love. Its accepted as is the air! No ‘proselytization’ necessary if one isn’t the unconscious victim of someone putting you in mind control until you no longer question it. To be free to the insights and blessings of life and love, just live in your heart with awareness and discernment.

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