Wisdom of Communication

Wisdom of Communication

October 27, 2013
Tune in, turn on and enjoy the open exchange! Make sure there is the exchange your listener finds compatible with their opportunity to listen as well as contribute! The levels of communication between people range from a nod or smile to the intimate couple who have let go of all fears to share everything each other has on their mind or in their heart. Most communication is in between the two, some of it being acceptable to both listener and talker, however it’s common to find two way talk to be uncomfortable due to lack of empathy from one or the other.

Talking and listening are ‘arts’ where ‘skillful means’ to keep both sender and receiver in a harmonious balance is needed. Being out of sync in exchange is to put the other in an uncomfortable position to be polite rather than pointing out the dilemma. This especially happens when a talker goes into ‘non stop’ as if they just need someone to validate their verbosity. I seem to meet more than my preferred share of ‘stream talkers’ who may have interesting things to say, but continue to be oblivious to the listeners interest, and even ‘choking’ the desire to communicate for the listener. Strangely, the non stop talker rarely takes advise that would be more respectful of the listener.

Talkers invariably talk about ‘knowledge’ and rarely about sensitive things that the listener is more open to hear. Couples have the best opportunity to experience the delights of all thoughts of each other, in particular the inner. In a sense, it’s part of enhancing intimacy and love, while conversely ‘gaps’ in what the other is thinking is bound to create a ‘divide’. Always, two close people need to be in total receptivity and assumption that all communication is from love.

Words are powerful especially when people have conversation barriers that allow them to be provoked, and into a judgment state that misses the receptive flow of information. A couple deep in love have hopefully made agreements among themselves to allow all talk or not, and to be meant in the highest possible manner. A few years ago, being a user of words to provoke interest, I discovered that with three words or less most people could ‘fly into a judgmental or negative state’ even to the point of ending an otherwise nice connection.

Each must ‘tune’ into the others receptivity to all thoughts even if it means ‘tip toeing’ around subjects or words. Harmony is the fuel to happiness and love. A little bit of humor in the heart always is a way to mend misunderstandings when needed. Real communication stimulates mutual enjoyment!

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