Haunted House

Haunted House Love

October 24, 2013
Sitting around resting your bones, worrying about your ‘can’t see, smell, or imagine’ how to find the love that must exist somewhere is to create a ‘haunted house’ within, that puppeteers you for life! Why miss the love that was never quite what it was suppose to be? Well, are you still open or living in the ‘haunts’ within while ignoring the sunshine and flowers outside? Your troubles are addictive such that you have become friends with them for fear of losing them as a friend instead of dropping them for the openness to take a chance on the high plains of love.

Will you walk into an open heart, or relegate your bones to the aging haunted house with the bare cupboards void of love. Comfort can be a matter of putting your inner potential into a ‘lockbox’ and throwing away the key of hope. The people of your past that haunt your memories need to be exorcized by remembering the good whether from them or your own involvement. Carry around the past without sending love to those who came and went is to add to your ‘haunted house’ within.

I encounter hundreds to thousands of people each day. Other than noticing that about one third of the people are obese, or well over weight, there is another noticeable trait. People, especially those past 40, look unhappy, shutdown with lack of ‘juice’, and just generally closed minded. They have haunted their own house that they carry around on their shoulders while ‘window shopping’ through life expecting the good fairy to anoint them into some ‘live happily ever after Disney cartoon character’.

A ‘haunted house’ is never a home. A ‘home’ is filled with love, and not how it looks, but within its soul. Haunted houses come from ‘neglect’ of love opting instead for reasons to doubt ‘love in their lives’. A ‘haunted house’ lives in quicksand! Open the windows of the mind and heart, and let the fears, self incrimination, ignorance, and the past out. The house transforms into a home that’s not afraid to love itself and another.

Fear is the devil that lurks in the mind that keeps repeating the clinging to limits to positive growth. The darkness within is removable! An intent and actualization of meditation and/or a focus on the affirmation of the positive, brings light and love streaming in to transform the cobwebs into a joyful godliness. Love is ‘non invasive’ like fears! Time to leave an imprint in life and love for all to see, and emulate for the rise of human consciousness. Time to change your ‘script’ to include love’s enriching blessings.

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