Relationships are Easy!!

Relationships are Easy!!
October 22, 2013
My experience is that relationships of love are so easy that it’s been a temptation to have many of the same, but for the practicality of common sense. New relationships are often like driving a new car! No matter the wonderment of the new car, if you don’t follow the rules, and know how to drive properly, the experience could be hard for the car, you, and some innocent passenger, or others unconnected. Relationships ‘running on fumes’ are going to run out of love gas unless you put a laser like focus on opening the heart. Sadly, most love isn’t regenerated into a full tank.

Your most personal relationship is a doorway to the blisses of a spiritual journey. On the other hand, love bonding can turn into a situation of constantly reviving the corpse of yesterdays love.  The conscious you is as close to ‘perfect’ as is possible but for you continuing to be someone you are not deep inside.

The enemy to finding the gold in love is within each! People who reach into their 30’s and beyond, having not cleared their ‘issues’ that make them ‘wounded’ love chasers, continue to accumulate wounds from life that they are less able to deal with. The ‘issue people’ become love’s forgotten treasures that have boxed themselves into a perpetual fight with the enemy within. These folks, who consist of almost everyone, just manage to get by, and by avoiding getting up inside where love is smothered by neglect and self incrimination.

‘Broken wing love people’ usually end up with each other, and play the ‘blame game’, which may be somewhat true, but it goes both ways. Insolvable is the result, limping into old age with unhealed scars of ‘love’s battles’!

Love, or ‘deep love’ is easy but not with the barriers up including, for example, loving a nice person who also has barriers, but like you not having the focus to climb out of the debilitating box of love mixed with fears and hurts. Whoever loves deeper in a coupling is the ‘student’ to the other who is the teacher. If that’s sounds like a reversal, it is! The one who is in more of a let go with less fear of intimacy needs to patiently explore, as a ‘love locksmith’, the ways to open the other who is a teacher of who you have as a partner! It may seem odd, but one partner in more fear of intimacy doesn’t always respond well to what they sometimes regard as a partner who looks to change them even though that may or may not be the case. In any case, it could be done with sincerity, but it’s likely to work better if the more learned or open with love has to look deep into that with compassion and awareness for softly learning how to both move into a deeper love.

No one wants to live life without the deepest, enduring love possible, but few are consciously aware of it! Always be letting go and opening the heart!

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