Being in Love is Silly

Being in Love is Silly

October 20, 2013
Whimsical!? Love is easy, but fraught with rocks to stumble over – that’s because being ready is missing. Deep love is easy for those who really want the experience. Falling in love means you have the ability to fall out of love, or resort to living in the shadows of the memory of love. Love that flounders between ‘issues’ and intermittent glimpses of feeling that come and go is what you’ve chosen to ‘set the bar at’.  Amazingly, 70% of females who have a pet dog say they would marry their dog if possible!

‘Rising in Love’ is to have love and action going deeper! Rattling your emotional self with any mixture of fear, and the heart is destined to sending the wrong signal to your real self. People lug barriers around them making it too heavy for the lightness of internal love to blossom permanently.

Love is one of the two spiritual paths. Just because you love though, does not mean you have automatically become what I call ‘Inlightened’. The other path, where an inner evolvement into the spiritual-conscious world can happen to a person, although extremely rarely, is the meditation path, or the path ‘alone’ into an empty divine space of the watcher filled with love. That path is the path of the enlightened, and through meditation.

The ‘love path’ has been all but empty of participants until recent times with the emancipation of ‘sexual energy’ for both sexes in the West. The male dominated world is still everywhere, but a global consciousness with the rise of female energy is opening.
That ‘opening’ is allowing what I call a superconscious coupling to occur into the ‘love path’. Real love changes the whole chemistry of the rest of your life. Deep love at some point shows itself in you as ‘inlightenment’.

Enlightenment can happen to a solitary you through meditation. Inlightenment or lovelightenment can happen when two touch the perfect consciousness within, vibrating as one. Being in love is easy, but rare are two who escape the barriers of nature that only allow those who let go of all past and fears together. It’s easy, but easier to miss, and fall into some semblance of what everyone calls ‘love’. ‘Love on crutches’ is a step, but … There is little reason for anyone to miss either path of spiritual consciousness. Trying with someone who is not ready to be totally consistently is always a barrier.

Both paths are the freedom from the constraints of mind and soul that you have settled into with a limited vision and experience. Your ‘natural self’ has been ‘derailed’ unconsciously by you. Stay in the moment with an emptiness and openness for natures experience of love that comes out of the invisible mist effortlessly. The mind is a barrier, while an open heart with awareness is the ultimate way to be available to love’s deepest possibilities.

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