Deep Love Cancels Religion

Deep Love Cancels Religion

October 19, 2013
NEVER take Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, or your unresolved issues to bed! On the ‘unresolved issues’, if the bedroom is part of detaching from them, then it’s ok if it’s an ongoing active intention. Sex is the most powerful energy for humans, and can be used for reproduction, temporary excitement, even for getting closer to someone, or be a response to love. However like all things, there are positives and negatives. Unwanted sex is a negative as well as sex that spreads disease, or sex that is used to control another, etc. Sex with no love or very marginal love as long as it is mutually agreed upon, and is at no ones expense, may be very acceptable.

Personal love with a partner can transcend sex where it becomes a mutual response that has little control. Beyond sex, but usually including it, is a phenomenon of love energy that is like ‘cracking the sound barrier’, or moving into a space that is difficult to describe to almost anyone. Perhaps the expression of the ‘speed of light’ is synonymous with transcending all sense of separation, and yet maintaining the individuality of each.  Rare is the couple that experiences this hardly known experience going back to past millenniums for reasons of ‘fear’ and/or just plain unawareness. The ‘divine space’ is akin to a ‘death’ of the self that you have known.

In addition to that ‘death of the self’ one will find an emptiness to all ideologies, religions, and concepts of god. At first the mind will want to cling to ‘beliefs’ and inner perceptions of self but as time goes on, all prior visions relating to the aforementioned become meaningless. Hence part of the fear is holding love to a lower degree. ‘Deep love’ is easy – your resistance is the barrier.

All religions and ideologies control through downplaying or discouraging your freedom of sex especially in terms of love. They all deny this because they lose control over your transition into a ‘freedom’ that eliminates their need. Truth is, those who lead religions and ideologies have no experience of the deepest expressions of love with another, instead accepting what their experience is as evidence of love. No one who has reached the depths of love would support a religion or ideology as the mind erases all attachment to them.

All love is precious, and no one should think and feel otherwise, but why put limits on its mutual expression, and settle on ‘part way’. Nature has a way of limiting the experience if both are not clear and in a total ‘let go’. Then and only then, does a surrender happen of inner godliness or a shinning light that doesn’t go out. You are the same to everyone but the carrier of an inner eternal flame that only can be clearly seen and experienced by those with the same flame. No one not in that space will really understand, but an inner voice speaks to everyone to be in that experience of love. Why save some of love for a rainy day that likely you’ll forget, or for the next life that you’re not even sure about? Dare yourself to go deeper!

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