Religion Prostitutes

Religion Prostitutes
October 15, 2013
It’s time to bring men into the usage of the word prostitute rather than abuse women with the word that categorizes them as something less than ‘desirable’. To ‘prostitute yourself’ is to give ‘yourself’ for some benefit, and not just the body for someone’s pleasure. Few females have ever grown up with the wish to be someone’s vessel of pleasure even for money which, if truth be known, women have needed over the years due to male suppression in places of work.

The real prostitutes are men who use an ‘ancient holy book’ to gather naive people into their flock resulting in them being called ‘sheeple’, or as they would say, ‘folks to be ministered’ or   congregation, etc. In ‘holy factories’, known as ‘bible colleges’ in the Christian vernacular, religion students are taught to look as ‘the other’ as ‘sick’ and in need of being ‘saved by Christ’. Of course, the ‘gurus of holiness’ are taught that they must have a ‘proper name’ such as priest or minister rather than the ‘religion gigolo’ that they really are, and as Christ’s prostitute! It’s all in the ‘dressing up of identifying words’ to lure the sheeple in for ‘shearing’ of donations to support their easy life inspite of the humbleness of it.

Having had my eyes and ears with awareness, insight, and common sense in the doors of religion since I can remember, I can assuredly say that the churches and temples also serve as ‘brothels’ of hidden physical pleasure for the host. The ‘host’ being the ‘edifices’ caretaker I refer to as gigolo and prostitute. There does not exist a mosque, church, or temple that I can not conduct a service in that would put many of the flock into a much higher, truer state of consciousness then that when they had arrived, and without preaching or praying! And, I don’t need to be paid as I haven’t in the past while having been in many years of providing loving awareness and stimulation to thousands!

The authentic facilitators of expanding the mind and heart don’t set up ‘shop’ where payment is not expected or necessary for their services. Love is not for sale! Superficial loving can be for sale, and in a sense, so what. There is a market for lost sheep looking only for a touch of pleasure without the desire to connect deeply or learn more of the path of consciousness. Give your time and money to the gigolo and prostitute of religion, but know that it’s just a ‘bargain basement solution’ to mollify your fears.

You have chosen to wear a mask. A mask to please what you think others will find more acceptable while in truth you have avoided by this to just be yourself! Maturity never happens when you agree to be anyone you are not. Know the one programming you is making you into a ‘mind prostitute’. Be empty for only your highest consciousness. That’s godliness where you will feel vital with pulsating energy streaming into you.

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