Who the Hell Was Jesus?

Who the Hell Was Jesus?
October 16, 2013
Some people always tell me to stop making fun of the ‘Sun of God’, but I feel sorry for the poor bastard that so many run around carrying him in their hearts, but can’t open their own heart, but for little glimpses here and there. I believe in Jesus and Muhammad! Muhammad apparently, inspite of his reputation as a ‘swinger’ who married a six year old, and ‘bonked’ many more who he fancied, was shy of having pictures of him like Jesus has. Hopefully for my viewpoints, I won’t go to a hell worse than millions of people in the wars of the 20th and 21st centuries have experienced.

Hmmm… I forgot the 19th century where there was a civil war in the US where out of 32,000,000 over 1,000,000 were killed. Who knows how many were murdered in ‘man’s wars’ all over the planet? Those on the side of Jesus in war, one would think would go to Heaven? Seems odd that it’s been over 2,000 years since baby Jesus rose from immaculate conception to be the Lord of all the universe and beyond, but people are killing more than ever? WTF! The answer is not Muhammad either cause unlike Jesus he was a killer himself before he heard from Allah to become the final prophet of God (or Allah).

Word is that there is a ‘Big Foot’ with sightings all over the world. No clear photos though. Is it really Jesus or Muhammad? Maybe God is playing tricks on the mind like he does with aliens from outer space who, as yet with over a billion cameras out there have never shown up in a clear photo in the New York Times where they ‘print all the news that’s fit to print’. Are we ‘chain jerking here’?

I do know that I would trust a Christian, who didn’t quote scripture to me, over most drunks or druggies, which by the way is reputed to be one out of four or five adults. In fact, I’d rather be a Jesus freak than a lost soul in the things people medicate themselves with. Hmmm? Do people medicate their fears with religion? Is religion really one of the early steps to Heaven, or just ‘training wheels’ for the lost and sick? Is religion a form of self abuse? Someone told me that in a deep, deep love all religion disappears into a bliss, joy and godliness beyond what any religion gives. I could travel the world, and the seven seas to find what everyone’s looking for, but I’ll save my money for it’s right here in the heart and consciousness! If God’s not in you, there isn’t one! Doesn’t seem like ‘rocket science’!


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