Women Avoid Love

Women Avoid Love

September 29, 2013
Women are the ‘gurus of love’. However, objectively speaking, there are few women who do more than mouth ‘love’, and berate men as inferior in that department! As far as ‘berating men’ as superficial or complacent about love with fears of ‘really letting go’, it’s true. However in spite of that, females tend to hold on to their fears of love. Since the males usually get stuck at 1/2 way into love, and the female usually goes just a little more covering up the ‘gap’ between where she is at in love, and how much more is possible, it’s the same dilemma. In defense of her, why go deeper when it’s not reciprocated?

Fear, and the courage to move beyond it are the culprits, while in addition the ignorance or denial of your situation. Fear is the feeling of losing contact with existence, and not allowing love to take over. Few couples want to ‘play the love game’ all the way but for the everyday practicalities or impracticalities of life that freezes the likely hood of it’s evolving into the mystical aura of possibilities lying dormant for infinity to be fulfilled. It’s been my observation that a woman seems to have a psychic, intuitive feeling that there is more than she’s been able to experience, but she settles into a state the doesn’t look too unacceptable to society.

How does one break the sound barrier of love? Not too many years ago, no one had been aware that there was a sound barrier to be broken. Now, with technology developing by leaps and bounds, it’s being faster than the speed of light on the agenda! There is a speed of love that many experience glimpses of in their connections with one or more people in their lives. It may happen with a child or the compassion toward a stranger, but nothing equals the ‘resonance’ of two moving into loves breaking of the ‘love barrier’.

Chances in the past of it happening have been next to nil due to circumstances, fears, and ignorance of its value. I live in a town where many older people love to live, and the more youthful are off to big cities for the most part. Doing my free speech displays around 200 times a year, I am able to study infinite people, seeing and feeling their energy. From middle age on, few females have the spark of love in their energy, having given up, or lost what ever they had. Male or female, the spark of love, and the roar of the fire of love is always right their behind your eyes, but for your opening it up!

Drop all fears, and love more, while LOVING UNCONDITIONALLY … and don’t think that you are doing something for the other when you love, you are doing something for yourself! Love is not a ‘cocktail’! Love and fear is a ‘cocktail’ of dysfunctional love! Go straight into it by letting go of the fear of melting into existence! Love is beneficial to you, and heals all fears while soothing everything! Love that waits is a ‘mixture’ eluding the real thing! Love grows best not in a garden of weeds. Weeds being attachment to negatives. Open the heart and throw away all impediments! Love is the light, fear is the darkness.

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