Religion? What’s That?

Religion? What’s That?


September 28, 2013
We live on a planet of looney tunes that, for the most part, accept a matrix absorption to fend off what few can step out of. The ‘matrix’ is pushed by the so called ‘learned postulators’ to allegedly save you from something after body death that is ‘made up’. It’s  blasphemous to the guardians of the matrix be they religion salesmen, or those usurped in the mind by other than their own experiences and cognition. All the information on how to lead the highest life of consciousness is out there and available with no ‘holy books’, as well as inside you!

You can’t argue about religion because it’s non existent! It’s as valueless as arguing about what’s on a planet in another solar system. There is nothing to argue about what is unknown if you’re reasonably awake. Problem is, this ‘religion thing’ is a sleeping pill to provide false comfort, like a ‘crib in a warm caring home’ is for a baby. One day the crib is no longer appropriate, and it’s replacement is eventually a space most jump out of into the ‘unknown world’ of new opportunities.

This matrix that’s called religion has merit for those needing training wheels that at some point need to be discarded as they limit movement. In this case, movement of inner evolvement. The road of life is an open road. Religion is just a stopover, or a detour into the ‘back woods’ that ultimately causes confusion. That’s why it’s called a ‘faith’ or belief as you must trust you have the right interpretation of someone who wrote over a thousand or two millenniums  ago. It works on some level if you think it does, and are consistently told to believe it by a trained ‘sheeple trainer’ who as a young person turned his back on many freedoms of life, and took the ‘easy way out’ to support their existence by parroting scriptures to ‘non thinkers’.

There are infinite people who have walked beyond religion who’s lives are filled with miracles and blissfulness, as well as an openness to see, and live lives of love and harmony. To argue religion is to argue with the air! There is nothing but an imaginary construct for those who look no further. By the choice of succumbing to this ‘construct or matrix’ you become unconsciously controlled by society, spinners of religion, politicians, and you, much as a dog chasing it’s tail! In a way, it’s a temporary ‘seeing eye dog’ for the mind that is either too busy or too undeveloped to see and love themselves void of all fears. Needing someone to tell you what no animal needs to live, is to see you surrendering your true self to elect to be an ‘automan’. With all the great technological developments, many of which are used to control and dumb down people, the religion matrix is in a fight that continues to create havoc and pain in the world. No word is an absolute to follow. Love and awareness with discernment is a higher way than following an imaginary mind control meant for the more helpless. Time to let go, and move into a superconsciousness of a new being!


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  1. I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote.
    The scary part though is that religion is so infiltrated in our day to day lives here in the US and us atheists are the freaks, not the religious folks.
    I have to defend my stance as an atheist and am automatically labeled evil (no matter how many good deeds I do in life) while the Christian next to me can freely preach his gospel and everyone thinks of him as the good person. — Keep up spreading your wisdom; I like reading off your boards on Water Street as well as here on this site.

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