There is No End …


There is NO End …
September 27, 2013
And, the Beginning hasn’t started … not just yet! As Buddha would have agreed, ‘life is an illusion’. I would add something like, ‘live fully cognizant in that reality illusion’. Hardly a day goes by where I see something that was right in front of my eyes, but yet I missed paying attention to. ‘Ends’ are not always easy to accept, but without them would there ever be a beginning!? The ‘end of time’ is, in the ‘big picture’, just a convenient way to relate an opinion that resonates with our perception of reality.

Always be opening up your mind AND heart to pull in life’s many dimensions beyond what is ‘on the streets of life’ so to speak. Does an invisible fog hang over your perception? You can see everything of value more clearly, it’s just that the impediments block what those who’ve gone beyond the ‘fog’ can see as an everyday part of their life. Did you sign up for what you’ve experienced so far, or for a lot more that lies outside the invisible boxes that you entrap yourself in? Is your life focused on positive stuff?

It’s ok to miss those who’ve gone, and faded from your life as they in turn likely have their own good memories overlooking any questionables. What you left yesterday, be only attached to if the memory is useful to today, if not let go of the attachment. Something or someone new is always coming in the air. Breath deep and walk on … the exercise will be good for you! The past experiences can be repeated but with the moments variations. Creating new paths is to see that there is always a new beginning in the horizon that needs your openness to fulfill.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams for they are always ready for you to grab on to. Each is a pioneer seeking discovery of both who they really are, as well as what’s happening on the outside. Stay in the ‘fire of life’, but don’t get burned out by not dumping that which no longer exists, and is immaterial to evolving your life. Everything is an opportunity to learn a new direction. Be like the fire in the eye of the tiger! You are the ‘hero’ of your life you on some level choose to occupy, and for lessons and learning to move on! Never forget to go placidly amidst the noise to see that you are born again each new moment remembering there is no end only new beginnings! Love is the key – always be the locksmith to more love!

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