Loving, but …

Loving, but …

September 17, 2013
Being loving to others has nothing to do with the fact that a great fear of love’s closest possibilities with another hasn’t been avoided. Love has many dimensions, or ways to be expressed. Love can be superficial, or in many degrees all the way to its mutual, deepest possibility with another. Love commonly is interspersed with the fear of letting go, and consistently falling into the shades of love where more love hides from fears. Friendly love is wonderful, but often an expressions of love covering up a fear of closeness, or even fear of rejection or abandonment.

Most are unconsciously satisfied, albeit without enthusiasm, with the small particles of love they give and receive … sadly. People bury themselves in many different preoccupations for entertainment as an unconscious method of escape from entering into love’s secrets that take courage to open. Avoiding all but the niceties of love’s weaker expressions is a common way to avoid deep love. The heart is best wide awake to the infinite possibilities of love.  Of course, love in any degree is to serve a better world.

Most marriages and partnering’s become ponds. They go nowhere, and simply are there. The water (love) evaporates over time, and it becomes more dirty, and unclear of the original state. Why let your love become a ‘puddle’ when love can be a river, constantly flowing and remaining fresh. Your love and life should be like a river. As people and couples age, they typically lose the glow and freshness once so predominate, although for a moment, but too brief. Life moves on of its own accord, love can be left in a lonely, unfulfilled, dark space. The ‘winds of change’ sweep across the barren, uninhabited heart of regret, but bring seasons of joy and bliss to love’s awakened vulnerability.

You reap what you sow as time moves on. Love’s fear is in your control to make the choice of ‘letting go’ of fears, and letting love in.  Drop all fears and love more, deeper, and with unconditional fervor. Don’t think you are doing something for the other when you love, but for yourself. Love unconditionally with someone who can reciprocate. To have love unconditionally within, and giving it to another, fully blossoms only when the other has no fear of giving and receiving. Souls mating is for each to move beyond all fears to love’s guidance.

When you love, it is beneficial to you. So don’t wait; don’t say that when others love, you will love — that’s not the way of love.

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