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September 23, 2013
Fear of fun, humor, and laughter, in other words, too damn serious! No creature on earth has the capacity of humor and laughter that humans have. All relationships are stunted if a sense of humor is missing. Seriousness invites stress, negativity, as well as personal and social uncomfortableness. Lack of humor is habit forming and detrimental to finding more joy in life. Humor tickles the receptive, open mind lightening up and relaxing minds ‘off somewhere else’. A house of smiles, laughter, and the lightness of humor is a home of harmonious vibrations –  even your plants will grow better!

Wisdom is acquired through experiences, common sense, discernment, love, open mindedness, and a good sense of humor to not be too serious. Having a sense of lightness in humor is spiritual. The mind that is ‘stiff’ is the mind that doesn’t bring joy to the hearts of others. Humor is a gift to both the the giver and receiver of humor. Playfulness is next to godliness. Humor is best if it comes with heartfelt empathy and compassion for whom it’s directed towards, and in receiving it from another. Make humor part of who you are, and life becomes more and more joyous.

As I went through my teen years, I was considered a ‘prankster’ among my family, friends, and in school with a ‘dry sense of humor’. Upon moving from the West Coast out of college to New York City and into the Corporate world, I seemed to have developed a more serious tone, until a few months into work when a couple others mentioned it. Living in a very social environment, and with many clients in business, I sought answers to ‘up the humor’ level for greater friendliness. I found an excellent technique in a book called ‘The World’s Greatest Salesman’ by Og Mandino. In the book were ‘scrolls’ for various aspects of behavior that could make them more pronounced. One successful one was on the techniques enhancing laughter by reading them three times a day for 30 days.

Buddha’s are generally seen laughing as they are laughing at the illusion of the world and people’s seriousness in their life. In teaching meditation techniques, one of the favorite ones has been the laughing meditation that take you out of the mind of rambling thoughts. In a group, everyone stands, sits, or lies down with eyes closed, and for 45 minutes laughs – faking it in the beginning if necessary. At the end of that laughter, people are told to remain with eyes closed for a few minutes, and just ‘watching’ the more silence of the inner. Another suggested way, is to began laughter immediately upon waking for 5-10 minutes! The fact that others might hear you is cause enough for more laughter! At the end remain silent. Try it for 30 days. Your smiling, chuckling, and laughter will become natural.

Less seriousness, angers, fears, and all kinds of stresses will dissolve with a sense of humor, not to mention improving all inner and physical health. Have the courage to laugh at yourself too! That’s where it begins! Out with seriousness! Laughter is the best medicine and a great meditation!

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