Seventh Seal of Love

Seventh Seal of Love
September 15, 2013
In the book of Revelation, there are symbolic ‘seven seals’. The most worthy seal in my view, and interpretation is the seventh seal to be opened ‘by angelic trumpeters’. Love comes in endless forms from the mundane expressions that have little meaning through to the love that ricochets from pain to ecstasy, and all points in between. No scripture exists as a true guide of how to open the ultimate symbolic ‘seventh seal’ of love. One thing for sure, a wish and a prayer, or the words of all the books ever written won’t open the secret, or the seal of love that can be sealed within you through eternity.

It’s better to always stay in the higher zones of responses to life’s happenings, and while in awareness of your own personal self love. To reach the peaks of love with another nearly always will be a faltering climb to ‘love on the rocks’. Next is slipping into the chasms of the darkness of bewilderment from being stuck on the slopes of love that isn’t promising any sure footing to the opening of a love that transcends the endless ‘peek-a-boo’ of love that comes and goes.

The symbolic ‘seventh seal of love’ can only be opened by what could be referred to as a divine godly happening between two people. Both having opened their hearts and minds to pull in each other into a merger of the souls into one that can never be lost whatever the future brings. Always focus on moving deeper and deeper into love where everything perceived is seen illuminated with a better perception and meaning.

People in mass assume that what they see and experience, short of what could be, is about all there is.  Little or no consideration is given to the fact that their perception is marginal of only seeing beyond the many daily vicissitudes, while not realizing the surprises of what awaits if they rise into consciousness. Being ‘stuck’ in an unchanging mind and heart set because of a lack of courage to move higher is to repeat ‘karmically’ the bed of wilting roses and thorns you have selected by being negatively complacent.

The human condition is to be of foolish mind, but we are tremendously vast if we are in consciousness. Three things in humans meet. The vast, the infinite, meet in you’re consciousness, in your awareness. When you go deep into meditation or very deep into love, boundaries melt, recede and disappear symbolically activating the angelic trumpeters of opening the ‘seventh seal’ – that which keeps love’s infinite elixir awaiting your discovery!

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