Plastic People

Plastic People
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September 13, 2013
In our small town we recycle. The biggest problem being plastic containers that ‘hog’ all the room in the recycle’s bin. In our meditation center here with perhaps 10 people, discarding bulky ‘plastic’ is a space problem. One resident commented that ‘it’s plastic everywhere today – even plastic people!’ OMG, Yesss! And, with seeming plastic hearts and brains, regardless of higher learning institutions for most to allegedly ‘open the mind’. Even the oceans have ‘plastics floating’ taking up spaces as large as some states! Maybe people are ingesting some plastic making them more plastic? ‘Plastic people’, too self-absorbed in themselves to care about anything else….

Plastic people make life what they think is simple by not thinking for themselves, but buying into what others do in their small culture. Open the heart and mind of courage to take a chance at new and healthier options apart from what ANYONE has said in a book or media. Starting with ancient ‘holy books’, and up to media information of today that really amounts to little more than a suspicious guide, and certainly needing your personal judgement as to its viability to your circumstances is creative thinking. Rubber stamp thinking is to not question outside ‘the box’.

In this ‘open minded’ town, there are 3 main shopping markets. Two are what I call ‘stupid markets’ where everything is packaged to ‘buzz’ the mind and emotions of the masses.  They are stocked with genetically modified foods (GMO), food for diet shoppers, as well as sugar and salt addicts, and food for aspartame noodnicks, or packaging grabbers, and well, anything that requires not checking the contents for chemical additions, and how they can be dangerous. The third market is organically oriented for those smart shoppers who ‘question’ how what they buy will affect their health and that of others, and the environment. I have personally done surveys of those body types who frequent both types of markets, and have found that there are more than twice as many overweight ones shopping at the ‘plastic, GMO, non organic markets’.

This is a new world of unlimited options developed by individuals looking to be rich one day. They find an eager consumer in those who buy with little regard for their health, or the environments. More and more ‘everything’ is available at the expense of the health of the masses who ultimately seek the ‘snake oil’ medications of the pharmaceutical conglomerates who conveniently may well have other divisions marketing unhealthy food products. It’s kind of like the expression, ‘problem-reaction-solution’ or bring a product to market that causes some kind of problem for many, but within the corporate conglomerate is a division who has the solution. If truth be known, ‘the solution’ is more often than not, no more than a costly placebo, or one that has any number of side effects. On and on for the ‘plastic people’.

Awareness invoking ‘instinct’ or common sense, and discernment are qualities that every wild animal possesses for survival. It’s imperative for each persons evolution, and that of the world at large that, as the most advanced form of life being humans, we evolve into the evident actuality of ‘humans really being’ the highest form possible into a new conscious humanity! That all starts with you and I!

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