Permanency Creates Trouble

Permanency Creates Trouble
September 7, 2013
Life’s only permanent thing is change. Life is a river, always moving, never stopping! A moment like this is always changing. Yesterday’s kiss slips away into a new moment, sometimes wonderful sometimes less so. Staying out of harm’s way, life’s changes are most likely to be a series of the ‘niceness of change’. Often much is within our power to choose, and yet choices randomly happen beyond our control, and the river keeps flowing. Clinging to the permanency of what was is to create different forms of misery, and that includes anything from the childhood years. Let the unfortunate go, and be open to the good fortune to propel you forward to the oncoming possibilities.

Stuck on permanency is ironically to be swept away into the clinging mind that lurks in the outdated realms of life. Being locked up in a prison is in a sense a lock on life’s changes opting instead (unwillingly) to be stuck in the misery of memories that put the locks on life. Freedom is life’s opportunity to keep fresh, young, and filled with adventures and opportunities. Accept all change with positivity and an open mind, and life flows presenting many blisses.

Dragging through life for fear of new developments is to find yourself lagging behind life’s changes. We all know family or friends, who although they age, continue rowing in circles for their non evolving inner beings. This moment won’t last very long even though many will resist moving along. If your life is filed with positive outlook, let it continue moving and changing within that way. Sadly, most get stuck moving in circles of thought and behavior that distances them more and more from communication with all but others who have refused to keep evolving.

It’s wonderful to meet someone after a long time who is still bursting with inner growth, and not stuck in the negative mire of yesterdays. A person of awareness is accepting of all change coming their way. Expect nothing, and be open to whatever comes, and all will be a blessing to enjoy.

On Wall St., unlike most salesmen, I did what most feared, and that was personal ‘cold calling’, and to the point of sometimes walking up to the door of someone’s office in a high rise of an Investment Bank corporation never knowing what the situation might be. If it appeared as ‘the wrong time’, I’d wave ‘hi’, and try another office of someone who was a client or potential. The difficult for others was easy for me because I expected nothing while moving on, and yet knowing anything could happen. Stay open to all possibilities! The moment you drop all expectancies, existence is filled with blessings.

You, in a clarity of awareness, with an openness to whatever will be, will find life is always a ‘high’ of opportunity and blissfulness.

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