I Am Jesus (9 of ?)

I Am Jesus (9 of ?)The "Man" burns on the Black Rock  Desert at Burning Man near Gerlach, Nev. late on August 31. U.S. Bureau of Land Management spokesman Mark Turney said  more than 61,000 people turned out for the weekend Burning Man outdoor  art and music festival.
September 2, 2013
For Christ’s sake, you belief my story that once had a purpose over
2000 years ago? The stories have been re-translated, and reedited over and over. I’m surprised it’s shelf life hasn’t expired in a new contemporary world that seeks to upgrade life’s journey. It?s time to ‘reboot’, and empty out all the negative consciousness limiting whatever’s. Actually, my memory is like yours that fades over the years, especially 2100 ones! But, I do have current common sense, and perhaps little slices of memory.
My 12 disciples? Well, they were wonderful men I suppose, and likely good fishermen, but quite illiterate. Truth is there was no one around following us with any mechanisms for writing down what we were purported to have said, not even paper and pencil! Seems people of the 21st century with all the hundreds of millions of college educated would have figured that out? Makes me wonder if the education currently is just reprogramming, or at least missing something?
Between my brief trips to Heaven for very short stays to see everyone, and that it continues to be all that it has been talked about, I?m mostly here appearing in an infinite multitude of bodies, male and female. I’ve had many names like Jackie Robinson and Sara Bernhardt, and on and on.
Like God, I’m everywhere in whom ever receives me. Gives me a well rounded perspective on life, and I come up with new ideas. It is surprising how many millions of you seem stuck on any of your holy books rather than taking the route I would have taken without those. Seems sensible to be in your heart with awareness (you know, that awareness like all the animals use to survive), and use good discernment as to what to do.
If you?re living on beliefs, it?s like living on fossil fuel, or better said,
running on empty. You?re better only believing until you actually know, or you’ll be in
all kinds of trouble! Believe in your heart, but don?t stop there! If you believe someone loves you, or you think you’re in love, and you don?t even know if you love your inner self? Well, that? another roll of the dice! You either know, or don?t know.
Since ?no one? has any credible, objective evidence of my existence … well, in any case, you exist and love exists! Get it together rising up, and enjoy life more! In the meantime, call me in your heart, and I?ll be there as the real Jesus, Yahway, or just you whatever you call yourself. Stop the illusions, and have the courage to explode into your higher consciousness. Beliefs are for people who are lost. Find yourself, and you’ll KNOW!
‘THE REALLY RELIGIOUS PERSON THINKS ONLY OF LOVE, and not only thinks of it but lives it. Love becomes his life.’ ‘Know love’! Not nee for beliefs if you know love deeply.

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  1. I believe in the story. let me explain… Yes 2000 years ago. Evolutionists believe in even older things, such as 4.5 billion years. I don’t care how old something is, truth will always be truth; falshood will always be falshood. True, the bible has been translated, but as we can demonstrate (ie dead sea scrolls) the trasnlations are extremely acurate. The editings are for easier reading for modern speakers, or to make the translation more accurate. There are two tests for the historical accuracy of a document: how well current manuscrpts match each other, and how well they match ancient manuscripts. The Bible passes both better than many documents that no one doubts (ie homer’s writings). And if it is truth, and truth never gets less true, then why shelve it and move on? We still read homer, shakespear, and heroditus).
    Where is you’re evidence that they were illiterate? Some fishermen (and an ever-growing number) were educated. Jesus, assuming his deity, could have easily just made sure to pick a couple such fishermen. Luke was a docter, not a fisherman. He wrote 2 books in the new testament, and you think a docter wouldn’t carry around writing utensils? Also, people of that time used an Aural method of learning: they were used to hearing something, and then repeating it back word for word. Perhaps John couldn’t write, he just remembered and dictated to someone else. These guys believed there was something about jesus, that’s why they wrote about him. Nowadays, I grant you, not everyone has a following that writes down our words, but then again, much of it is written down, like this, and the the people who do get noticed are recorded (Mr. Obama).
    I notice that Jackie Robinson and Sara Bernhardt and others claimed that they were the only (hence not “jesus” be the one). Obviously they are not all right. They said the others were wrong. I think we have a multitude of imposters, with one right guy. Now who’s right?
    Hey! I actually agree with that. But holy books are useful for times when we don’t have the sensitivity in our heart to understand what to do.
    In your life, somethings cannot be proven, but are nonetheless necessary to be decided one way or another. In those areas, you live on belief. What’s wrong with that? Someday, you may actually know. Sometimes the roll of the dice is the only option, but then again there are better choices (see paschal’s wager). Amen, jesus lives in the heart. Some things we don’t need to know, so let’s get on with life. The bible teaches that god is love, and he acted out of love. I agree with you last statement. Now: what is love?

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