Males Must Submit

Males Must Submit
August 24, 2013
All over the world, since the beginning of recorded history, males have demanded that women submit. It has been a neat, but damaging ‘trick’ to avoid a full opening of emotions with another while allowing manipulation, domination, and control of the other.The ‘other’ has generally been a woman, but men seek to control other men for their selfish purposes. The military requires complete ‘submission’ to fight wars while soldiers in turn rape the enemies women to submission. A woman must submit in loving a man, but it also goes the other way, and yet the whole word has been misinterpreted.

Submitting in love of a partner is a step in the direction of a deeper union of love. Love is on the surface without it with moments of ‘love flurries at best. You submit to yourself, giving up all the past and future with it’s infinite experiences and projections. In other words, a let go to let in the energy of illimitable love that cancels all barriers to become one with the other. There is no room for fear and the many blocks that come with the busy mind to block the heart. The heart reacts to fear and other unwanted distractions of the mind by shutting down thereby reducing the potential ecstasy and meaning.

Love is a ladder. A ladder to seeing and feeling higher realms of all aspects of life. Getting stuck on the ‘lower rungs’ of the ladder is to give credence to the erroneous notion that love stirred by sex is the highest form when in reality, it’s somewhat near the beginning. Let sex come from an over abundance of love for the other and yourself. A ladder is from top to bottom. Accept the spectrum of all rungs of consciousness from sex to a superconsciousness.

To submit yourself, especially in mutual union with another, is to light a torch of love that will be carried with each person together or apart as part of your being. Submitting is a conscious decision. When it’s total, an energy of surrender can come from what seems to be an unknown source. In the East, mystics have alluded to the state as being a coming together in a laser like focus that penetrates into the inner states of consciousness. The term it’s referred to as ‘samadhi’. Samadhi is an inner surrender where love expresses itself beyond an option of the mind. Inner inconsistencies become accepted as one illuminated energy. Time to submit and open the heart!

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