Mind Fields

Mind Fields

August 19, 2013
There are little to major ‘mine fields’ that blow up in most people’s ‘lines of communication’ when the ‘communiGate’ swings down with subtle warnings to only cross with extreme caution. Few have no lines of censorship in conversation, feelings, or the spiritual. Having to tip toe around people’s sensitivities on infinite subjects is a life long art to develop. There are many words in every language that are explosive to the mind that is programmed for whatever reason to react. Supposedly, there are seven words that you cannot say on TV to the general public. In fact though, with a little imagination, there are closer to seventy than seven.

Why be a puppet to words, and their usage. Just this morning, a resident of the Yesss center here said while riding the bus he started a conversation with a guy who, when the Yesss resident mentioned my ‘free speech’ display downtown, said ‘that guy is too vulgar for me’! I assure you, not even one of the seven words is used my titles, but on hearing this, perhaps I’ll do one on those seven words mentioning all 7 in a title!!

Most live in ‘glass China shops’ where one wrong move, and ‘crash’ – you break it, you pay for it! Words are powerful as well as the infinite use of words directed at someone, but it’s the intelligent thing to do to focus on rising above all verbal usage rather than ‘judge’ it to be harmful or negative. Another is to not judge negatively ‘positive’ action such as what was covered on the news recently from Russia. Russia has made it illegal to publicly show any signs of being gay even to the point of displaying a ‘rainbow’ colored flag! Girls appearing there in the ‘soon to be Olympics’ are threatening to paint there fingernails with many rainbow colors to protest! It’s apparent everywhere you look, that many aspects of positive human behavior are negatively judged even to the point of sentencing someone to death in some cultures.

In the many wars this past century both sides of a conflict had planted hidden ‘killer mines’ in the ground to kill the enemy who steps accidentally on one. People are loaded with hidden mines of reaction to infinite stimuli from others, even in marriages where couples who claim to love one another avoid certain words or actions to the other that harmonious couples would not even blink an eye over. It’s all in the mind of repression, judgment, and ones lacking in self love.

Deep love clears all ‘mind fields’, leaving only the fragrance of a joy, blissfulness, and excitement for love and life endlessly. Makes sense to let go and clear all within that creates anything but the wisdom and heart action to see all as another opportunity for love.

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