Relationship Duds

Relationship Duds
August 15, 2013
Seems most seeking relationships, including those people in them, would be better off getting themselves a pet dog instead! Love has many dimensions, as well as perceptions spreading from shallow to deep, and everything imaginable, including illusion, in between. Where love is real, hate and all negatives disappear from darkness to light and joy. Seems few can make up their mind which way to go? Fact is, the mind will never make up it’s mind for love to flow. Only the heart has the where with all and answer –  it’ll make up it’s heart!

People get stuck in thinking they are who others perceive them to be, coupled with a less than clear vision of who they really are underneath all the facades and misinformation. Why do people do a ‘snow job’ on themselves, when if they (you) let the heart melt, the river of honey, with a mind of aware common sense, will serve the best you and everyone else who can receive it?

I look around at friends, relatives, and strangers, and can intuitively see whether their heart and minds are open to always being in the moment for all the love that is so in abundance everywhere, especially within.  Sadly, few walk around filled with a heart of love, as well as coupled with the wisdom to walk the evolving road of higher consciousness into the rarified air where we all meet in a state of superconsciousness and bliss. Why live a mundane life of quarreling, nagging, and wishing for harmony, but doing nothing to experience more love?

Trudging along, dedicating life to the acquisition of more and more ‘stuff’ while remaining frozen in inner growth is certainly a waste of life’s great blessing – you being alive! There is no tomorrow, yesterdays are gone, and the moment waits for your best showing. Few I have known, whether are ‘single’ or married, are not frozen in habits that will repel them from love. Call them ‘duds for love’ or shooting blanks when it comes to entering and sustaining a meaningful flowering of love.

Real freedom comes in the surrender to love, not in the journey to frilly about or to ‘window shop’ through life. Closing the eyes and heart to the essence of love is to succumb to the darker side of life with it’s periodic glimpses of catching hope. To go first class in life is to not ‘shoot blanks with love’, but to always experience the fireworks as well as the cool sunny meadows of life and love. When love is elusive, learn to meditate, and call in the funnel of love!

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