Pain Opens the Heart

Pain OPENS the Heart
August 13, 2013
Life is like a river. The river flows, and doesn’t fixate on one spot or stagnate. Groping for yesterday’s, and what coulda, woulda, shoulda been is not an enhancer of the moment. It’s good to ask yourself the question, ‘Am I in the same ole, same ole, stagnate pond, or do I always look to improve myself, and contribute a higher consciousness in the world that I find myself plopped into for an unbelievable experience and journey’? We are the only living thing on the planet who can change ourselves, and at the same time, make our existence here meaningful!

It’s an indubitable truth that emotional pain will be part of your life many times. When you walk into the rain expect to get wet. When emotion meets emotion, greater emotion happens. When emotions lock that are not free flowing in a positive loving direction, pain constricts in the heart and mind. Always the channels of emotions of love between two people need to be kept open, and whatever it takes to facilitate that, or at least until there is no stopping the ‘us’ from a gentle moving river day and night.

Love begins with you. Healing begins with you. Love sometimes goes awry between couples, and perhaps is a sign of a need to ‘let go’ and focus on the love hidden in your heart. Emotional pain is a vital part of life that can either be an opportunity to open the heart or open the mind that went out into the rain unprepared rather than waiting for the sun. The ‘sun’ is someone and you having open hearts and communication to keep the love protected.

We all know that our car is best over the years if we are mindful of ‘preventative maintenance’. In love, breakdowns occur as pain ensues. Always, you chose to be in it for better or worse. Nurture the better with the ‘oil’ of communication, compassion, discernment, and all positive emotional values. The ‘worse’ always has a rainbow and that rainbow may be an opportunity to look deep within to see if there are obstacles from the past that need clearing before approaching love again … the next time with an open heart and the common sense to align only with another ‘sensitive’ with an open heart that merges with yours.

Don’t resist love. Be friendly with it and light, or better said, ‘in enlightenment’ with it. Emotional pain can be a reaction to love that has blocks, but at the time, a chance for an opening or beginning of a new flowing. Find reasons for loving all the past where love caused pain. Love ALWAYS finds a way to overcome all obstacles! Love is always around you!

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