Knowledge is Not Knowing

Knowledge is Not Knowing

August 5, 2013
To have knowledge is to have the tools to accomplish an objective. We all need knowledge as a survival mechanism. Knowledge can be a track to knowing where knowledge becomes like an instinct. Knowledge is valuable but a trick on the mind sometimes to become confused with knowing.

Knowledge is outer, and often confused with ‘knowing’. Full of knowledge on certain matters has NOTHING to do with ‘knowing’. Knowledge is in pieces. One can have knowledge of this or that, without knowing. The ‘pieces’ can be put together, and even twisted in infinite ways to give the deceptive perception of truth. Truth is knowing. Knowledge can be bought, or collected and inserted into a computer.  Knowledge is ‘dry’. Knowing is in a different dimension, and goes beyond knowledge. Knowledge is ‘of’. Knowing is inherent and personal, not from another source of ‘belief’.

Knowledge can be born of the ego. Knowing may sound of the ego, but if true is beyond the ego. Mental ‘knowledge smiths’ of this subject or that one, are emodiments of culinary ‘bullshit’ unless they are humble about their gift as they acknowledge whether they ‘know’ themselves or not. To know, or have knowledge of anything is merely a ‘side dish’ to the real truth of centering within, and knowing yourself.

Love is the ‘magic elixir’ of the universe that transcends all knowledge. Love is the invisible energy that, unblocked, gives affirmative energy to wisdom and knowing beyond all the ‘knowledge of stuff’. All the knowledge in the world pales by comparison of one knowing themselves. I once knew a man who seemed to know something about everything, but died far too young from the over use of smoking, drinking, junk food, and likely the accumulation of too much knowledge while forgetting his inner love of self. Knowing himself was not part of his seeming genius. To be a ‘jack of all trades’ and a ‘master of none’ is very likely to be bereft of knowing.

You are not a ‘vacuum computer’ that can over fill with all but the essential for you. There is a saying to ‘take time to smell the roses’, or redirect focus on the beauties of nature and all of life. Time to ‘reboot’ and open the heart and enjoy the wonderment of all that’s is meaningful. Time is short, the journey is long, but the end is always over your shoulder – better hurry, and take your time to experience the light of the view!

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