Life Goes On

Life Goes On …
July 22, 2013
What ever happens at any moment happens, always ‘life goes on’. As part of life, life’s biggest guest, ‘love’, finds it’s place to affect whatever goes on! Here is an example of a cultural life moving on:

Thousands of Indians showed up across the street from my ‘meditation center’ yesterday. The ‘indian wars’ are gone though! Across the street is the county fair grounds where when I began today my at the ‘break of dawn morning hour and a half walk’ there were ‘tepees’ (now called ‘tents’) filling several blocks with their horses (Suv’s and pickup trucks) covering the camping grounds.

Once a year, Indian tribes of the Northwest gather together to begin a canoe trip through the Canadian-Washington waterways to a Pacific Ocean destination that is 150 miles away called the Quinault Indian Reservation. The overnight stay here was as peaceful as you could imagine for a couple thousand people of all ages. Times have calmed down from the turmoils of over 100 years ago where ‘whites’ in certain pockets of the country forced themselves upon what are now called the real ‘native Americans’.
Life goes on, and not always as we would want it, but often a new way that’s better if you are flexible and creative.

WE are all ‘waves in the ocean’. One day you are, another day you will disappear as we are all waves in the ocean. It is senseless to create burdens, frustration, fears, and so on in the interim between birth and death. Seriousness is a disease especially when people act negatively toward others when with a little heartfelt foresight a lighter, more thoughtful approach will do just as well or better. In this supposedly open minded small town in which I live, it’s amazing to see how the local politicians quarrel with each other about one person testing their openness for a first amendment right for a public display of free speech. These politicians average age is over 65, meaning they will likely be dead or not caring within 20 years! What could be wrong with celebrating the great work Thomas Jefferson and James Madison did in forming the ‘Bill of Rights’, and yet still after 250 years most politicians and religious leaders are still resisting its application in society?

Buddha says: The truth is that when you see a dancer, there is no dancer but only a dance. When you see a river, there is no river but only rivering. When you see a tree, there is no tree but only treeing. When you see a smile, there is nobody who is smiling, there is only smile, smiling. When you see love, there is nobody who is a lover but only loving.  LIFE IS A PROCESS.

See into the reality of things, and the positive opportunity it provides! Let life flow into a channel of the brighter sides of life no matter what … let life and love go on! Enjoy the rain and appreciate the moon!

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