Beating of America’s Females

Beating of America’s Females
July 20, 2013
I’ve been guilty of not clearly seeing the average American woman’s abuse. Only in recent years through my persistent activism with people from all over, and my curious questioning have I come to the shocking revelation that even today’s females have been the victims of an age old abusive habit of males. All over the world for thousands of years it has been the custom of men to beat and abuse women. In more socially advanced areas females are still resisting to come out into the open out of ‘fear’. Likely a significant portion of America is not aware of how much females incur abuse from males. Of course, many women ‘sell out’ for security bringing on an abuse of inner freedoms.

Upon asking many, many women who are well into their adult experience if they have ever been raped or physically beaten at least once, I was quite surprised. Many women felt from their experience of asking female friends, and accounting for themselves that 50% having experienced male abuse would be a low figure! In many cultures, for example the middle east (including India), I get the impression from fairly extensive readings, that the figure is far closer to 100% raped or beaten by the time they have reached well into their maturity.

From another angle, females are beaten down, be it the afore mentioned, or for example lower wages paid versus males, less advancement opportunities at work, being economically dependent with children, not allowed the freedom that most males have, on and on. Women have been deeply conditioned through thousands of year of male domination, manipulation, and abuse with little or no recourse. A woman needs the same opportunity for growth that any man has. Today’s woman has that opportunity but usually ‘sells out’.

I firmly believe that either a couple is open in love to assist each other to rise to the peaks of love. At this time in history, I also believe that either that is the case for both, or at least a woman should otherwise always bond with a male who is as strong or stronger emotionally and spiritually as she is. Females seem to be more open to pursue a deep love while most males settle back to earn a living, amuse themselves, and not focus on rising in love.

People must let go of past conditionings that are detrimental to growing love fresh and new at all times. Love isn’t permanent, at least for those who have not reached it’s pinnacles, and is always changing needing creative approach’s to keep it live and growing. Why miss the love that doesn’t disappear, and embeds forever into the quality of your being?

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